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A Reintroduction

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  • A Reintroduction

    Hi everyone, I'm Denise.

    I was here a while back when I bought the PB book and successfully completed a 30-day challenge. Even after the challenge was up, I stuck with most of the program and was feeling and looking great.

    Then, life threw me a devastating curveball last November when my husband of 10 years died suddenly of a cardiac arrest. Needless to say, last winter went by in a blur of emotional eating and way too much drinking. Primal living was the furthest thing from my mind. I was just trying to get through each day.

    Now it's 9 months later and I'm emerging from the fog. I want to embrace life again and go back to looking and feeling my best. I never felt better in my life than when I was living the PB, and I want that again.

    I'm not quite starting from scratch...some good habits did stay with me. I never did go back to drinking coffee, and now have a cup of green tea in the morning. I gave up cereal, and I usually start my day with some combination of fruit, nuts, eggs, and/or meat. Or sometimes I make a green smoothie. Lunch is usually still a big-ass salad. Dinner is where I've fallen off the wagon, back to way too much bread, pasta and sweets. And vodka, too much vodka.

    Also I can't even remember the last time I worked out. I haven't really gained weight, but my 48-year-old middle has reverted to its soft, mushy self. Last summer I had a six-pack!

    So here I am, hoping to get back into the primal groove, and uncover the strong, confident cavewoman that I know is still in here somewhere.

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    Welcome back! Sorry to hear about your husband and wish you the best of luck getting back on track.


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      Denise, I'm so sorry about your husband. I admire your strength and wish you luck on your (continued) primal journey!
      Jennifer, 28 years old
      Vegetarian for 13 years, primal since July 2011
      Weight lost on primal: 34.2 lbs


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        I'm very sorry you lost your husband. Of course primal would take a back seat after that sudden loss.

        The strong, confident cavewoman is already apparent from the fact that you have made the decision to return to primal living. I'm sure you can transition back to the lifestyle, and that you will get all the support and encouragement you could want from this community. Best of luck to you.
        Live your life and love your life. It's the only one you get.


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          Oh dear, Welcome back and also really sorry for your husband. You have to strong enough to get out of all these problem you are facing now. I wish you all the best.


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            Thank you all for the warm welcome! Two days in, and so far so good....


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              Hugs. So happy to have you back in the tribe.
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