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New PB person, Day one Aug. 1,2011

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  • New PB person, Day one Aug. 1,2011

    Hi Guys & Gals,
    I'm embarking on a new journey here, hence my avatar. I, like a good majority of you I'm sure have tried different approaches to nutrition and dieting. I just read Mark's book and It totally made sense. I am 52 years old male and currently weigh 328 lbs. I have lost considerable weight before only to regain it all back (quite of few times).
    So with that being said I look forward to becoming a part of the Paleo community and hoping to see the results that you have shared on this forum.
    I do have a couple questions if someone can direct me on how to search for certain individuals. I live in Reno,NV and would like to find another person or persons who would be interested in purchasing a local grass fed cow.

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    Welcome to PB and the forums! You will find a wealth of information and helpful groks here You can use the search feature (top right of the screen) to help you locate peeps in Reno. Wish I was closer, I'd take you up on that offer!
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      Welcome and good luck on your primal journey. If you've poked around the forum, you've probably noticed that many of us have found this to be a life changing experience.
      Live your life and love your life. It's the only one you get.