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  • Grokking at last

    To jump right in here, I've been trying to lose weight and get healthy for years. Violently swinging blood sugar, depression, chronic fatigue, recurring bronchitus, and sporadic/missing/excessive periods are just a few of the problems I'm going to eradicate. I've seen a few doctors, but nothing is ever conclusive. My hormone levels are "normal", though I don't see how that is possible, and no one has been able to give me an answer or hope for true health.

    I've long suspected, though, that SAD is to blame. So I experiment with any and everything that sounds remotely healthy. Veganism didn't live up to it's promises, though. RAW left me quite ill. Calorie restriction was better, but I was constantly hungry and couldn't keep it up. IF was great, but I needed the right foundation. I joined some online communities, as CW says that calorie counting is the way to lose. But the only thing I "lost" with that method was precious hours that I could have used to living life!

    Then I got to thinking about evolution. "Grok" had no means of counting calories - yet he had to be physically fit to survive! He also would not have lived on a diet of vegetation alone. I was thrilled when I discovered this site, and was finally able to give this evolutionary figure a name and explore in greater depth the lifestyle I could adopt to mimic him and get my life back.

    I've been archive binging for about a week now. I already cleaned out my kitchen, and started Grokking it the night before last. Today is my second full day, and I'm delighted to report that I'M NOT HUNGRY. Every meal is satisfying. And I ate quite a bit less yesterday than I thought I would. I've had no dizzy spells, and have had enough energy to carry me through. I crazy danced in the kitchen, wiped counters while balancing a huge watermelon on one shoulder at a time, and have been more active in general. My kids are loving it, and so am I!

    THANK YOU. I can feel myself surging to life, and this is only the begining.
    Grok on!

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    Welcome Jaden,

    Glad you are here.



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      Welcome Jaden! Glad it is working for you!
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        Not wanting to be the screen door on the submarine, but before you get too excited about "not being hungry" you should be aware that during transition some people feel very hungry indeed. In my case it started about a week in.


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          Thank you for the welcome!

          JHC, I appreciate the heads up! I actually felt quite hungry yesterday evening, though I had eaten plenty during the day. I rummaged around and thought about all the things I could stuff myself with, but pulled back and said, "a binge is a binge, after all." And went to find something else to do. I'm amazed that I was able to do this, as it never seemed possible before. The begining stage of a new lifestyle is usually easiest for me, but carb binges were always able to overpower any will that I could muster. But there weren't any fast carbs easily available - unless I raided the cabinet I set aside for my husband (whom I do not expect to participate in all my experiments) and admit "defeat". But I was glad to hear that hunger is not uncommon, while adjusting. Thank you!

          Laurie, I am now extremely curious as to the role fat plays on our hormones. Even before I picked up my spear, I was incorporating "real" fat into my diet more and more. Butter, schmaltz, and olive oil, primarily. I recently had a period (first one in months) that was completely normal. It last 4-5 days, and the blood loss was moderate. And that was while I was still eating grains!! I am sooo excited to see how my body fares on full Primal.


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            Five days in!! Second and third days I was tired. Bone-weary-exhausted, and could hardly hold my eyes open all day. I was sure to rest as much as possible - even taking a nap once when the opportunity presented itself. Yesterday I was full of energy, though, and felt amazing all day. Right now, I'm imploding with hunger! But that's just because I haven't had breakfast yet. I'd kicked around the idea of trying another fasting day - just skipping the first two meals, as I did on Wednesday. But maybe I'll ease up on that. After all, I had a fasting day over the weekend, before I completely went Primal. Too much of a good thing ceases to be a good thing.

            So... what's for breakfast, then? I think I'll munch on the delicious chicken that I baked yesterday. Mmmmmmm....


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              Great work so far! No breakfast for me this morning; I don't purposefully do IF, but I don't force it if I'm not hungry. Leftovers are always great in the morning!
              Jennifer, 28 years old
              Vegetarian for 13 years, primal since July 2011
              Weight lost on primal: 34.2 lbs


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                ^ Thank you! I think you're on to something - eat when you're hungry, and don't eat when you're not! I notice that I'm getting hungry in the mornings, now, which is strange for me. I wake up, and 20 minutes later I am ravenous! This morning I thought my stomache was trying to consume itself - but there was no stress or pressure. I made the kids' breakfast, and then made myself a little chicken salad with my leftovers and mayo (processed, unfortunately - I'll learn how to make my own this week), and some cheese. Now everything's great and I'm ready for the day!

                I am amazed how incrediby satisfying this food is. Going RAW left me feeling kind of empty and cold. Carb-laden SAD made my energy go *poof* and sent my emotions in a spin, and I was always immediately hungry again! But Primal food is delicious, filling, and stays with me a long time. I'm looking forward to when it's time to eat again, because I will truly enjoy the experience! But I don't feel the need to eat again right now, or obsess over when it will be, how long I "have to" wait, and how much I'll be "allowed" to eat.

                Yeah. You could say I'm pretty damn pleased with Primal.