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    Just wanted to say welcome! I am a young "whackadoodle" and I definitely felt the same way you are feeling when I started out under a month ago. I messed up initially and was really not eating enough, and last week I just wasn't eating well, but I know it's going to be a process. My mind already feels much clearer, though I still have some off days.
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      i started a warned, i ramble LOL

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        Welcome hottierockstar! I can understand your need to know how much / what to eat / at what time...etc. And girlarchitech has given you LOADS of good information. I was the same way when I first started learning about the primal lifestyle. My previous "diets" were so structured (eat 6 meals a day, every 2-4 hours, x amount of protein w/each meal....blah blah blah) that at first the simplicity (or maybe just the common sense?) of primal freaked me out.

        My best advice would be this: Go to the store and buy only primal goodies that you like (steak, fish, bacon, eggs, veggies, butter, coconut oil, almonds, berries). Cut up some veggies to last you a few days for salads; cook up some steak/fish/bacon and hardboilded eggs for leftovers. Be sure to pack something to take to work for lunch when you can manage one (or finger foods for a snack when your on the go).

        Don't worry in the beginning about ratios/calories/portion size. Eat primal food when you are hungry, and stop when you are satisfied. In my experience, it will take a bit before you body gets used to being feed real food WHEN it signals for it. Trust me, even if you're worried about overeating (hell I must have gone thru a few pounds of bacon when I started!! ) as long as its primal food, your body WILL ADJUST and your hunger will align with your body and your daily activity.

        I'll be following your journal
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          thanks wink