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Grug wakes up

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  • Grug wakes up

    The mist in my mind slowly clears as I sit up. The smells and sounds are
    un-familiar and not pleasant. As I stand up bewildered this strange female
    approaches me and touches her lips to mine speaking some strange sound. I am
    not frightened by the skins she wears or lack of hair but rather the
    casualness of her approach. Every sound from the strange bird and animal
    sounds makes twitch in its direction. I wonder if I'm talking with the spirits
    as I sleep.

    Deciding that I am cruelly awake and not walking the spirit realm I start
    to examine my surroundings. There is so much to tell I feel that I must just
    high light the big ones as I walk around this strange cave. Flat shiny wood
    with very strange items on it. One of these items has a moving picture, it is
    a Fish! Flat though, and it's movements are the same, over and over again. The
    fish is to small to eat anyway. This colorful strange covered moss rock. Oh!
    It is so nice to sit in it! I see two other similar moss covered rocks.

    As I continue sniffing and tasting all around me a small four legged
    animal runs towards me from some other part of this fascinating cave. Ah!
    Food! I reach for the club at my side in its animal skin string. It is not
    there! No matter, my fists quickly clench as I ready my strike..... but I
    pause as this little animal licks my leg and then sits there looking at me.
    Very strange. I decide I will ignore it for now, I am too entranced by all
    these things.

    I approach a way out of the cave but it has a shiny skin on the bottom
    with a invisible skin on the top. Mmmm, doesn't taste like much. Leaning on
    the skin it pushes over but does not fall to ground rather moves to the side.
    This amuses me for a short period of time. Walking out to the outside I see
    that I am high up on the side of a cliff. Many other dwellings I see from my
    vantage point. Strange beasts travel below, noisy and smelly. Others as my
    self seem not to notice. I stumble a-bit and fall onto this very bright
    looking growth. It is hard but smooth. Hmmm, comfortable.

    I pick up a small berry colored stick, smells like ouch light. Accidentally
    I do something with it,,,,,,,,,,,,, And IT makes ouch light for a moment!!!!
    Carefully I repeat the movement again making the ouch light. A smile crosses
    my face. Much easier to carry this then red black ouch on leaves! With out me
    knowing it my hand grabs a strange box with small rolled up leaves of a bright
    ness like the clouds that have no color. Before I know it I find myself putting
    one in my mouth and using the ouch light stick on the end.

    I realize that I am breathing burning trees, but for some reason I do not
    stop. It stinks and does not taste good. But I do not stop until it smokes no
    more. With my mind screaming Danger, Danger, I find that I have this wish to
    get another. The moment is broken by the Female appearing again holding a flat
    thin rock with ... Food! This I understand! After making some sounds and
    giving me this food the Female goes back in the cave.

    I look at the strange food, it doesn't look right, or smell right. This
    flat spongy food on top I taste a bit. Tastes strange. Decide that it is not
    food. Next is some leaves which though taste different do taste like food.
    I eat it all. A dry pale looking flubbery skin, feels like skin from a very
    different animal then I have known. I will not eat this. There! underneath I
    see animal meat! My stomach makes noise. It must come from a thin animal.
    Upon putting it in my mouth I spit it out right away. What? What is this? I
    start to think about getting that four legged animal. It would be an easy catch
    since it does not seem to be afraid. Hmmmm...good idea but first another one of
    those smoking rolled up leaves.


    Hello there!
    Thought I'd wake up and say hello. Lurking for awhile. But I've decided to
    stick my head up over the log to join the village. My eyes are bleeding from all the
    reading. I think every body is in different circumstances and each approach should be

    Here's mine please let me know what you think.

    1) I smoke rollies, $16.00 lasts me 2 weeks. Have quit for short periods before.

    2) Have been eating garbage my whole life, only recently started to stop listening to
    the canadian health department.

    3) Single income, barely scrape by every month wife 3 teen kids cat and dog.


    a) First, start eating 60% vegtables and cut out all sugar. No more breads.

    b) Second, start moderate walking (50 or 60 min) on a nice slow uphill trail.

    c) Third, Stop using the elevator only 3 stories but eh what the heck!

    d) While accomplishing the above try to find proper meat that we can afford.
    Yes I know, quit smoking and use the money towards meat. I agree. But still
    doesn't cover the cost. Meats expensive here.

    e) Quit smoking, during the above I can lower my smoking as much as possible.
    Whisper whisper PSSSST Come over here and listen to this (Cutting down is not hard,
    STOPPING is) Addiction to Nicotine and the worst is probable the Habit.

    f) Start a gentle introduction to working out.

    g) Pray to the spirits for guidance and encouragement.

    h) Update Grugs awakening every week for bragging rights to others still asleep.

    Thanks for listening folks.
    End of rant and foot stamping.

    Don't forget, a little baking soda helps you get balanced and damn it sure clears the headaches.