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  • NED v's PB

    Hello, I've been following the NED with some success and have recently joined this forum.

    What are the differences between the NED and the PB, can someone enlighten me please?

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    What is NED please explain.


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      NED in a nutshell is like paleo, no dairy, no tubars, no high sugar fruits/dry fruit but only two to three meals per day, with no snacks with an intermittent fast once per weekish. Emphasis on trying to loose fat.

      Strength training forms part of the diet as well as sprints etc. Endurance training isn't encouraged.


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        Here with Primal unless you have a digestive problem with dairy, you can consume dairy.
        There really is no meal frequency suggested as far as I know when it comes to this lifestyle, though most of us eat around 1 to 3 meals per day.
        IF is actually encouraged here on a more frequent basis than once per week. Though if I read correctly should only be around 17 to 30(?) hours.
        Quite a lot of people have gone from obese to slightly overweight to even really healthy off this lifestyle.
        We use the term lifestyle instead of diet, primal is a lifestyle where as eating a can of tuna a day is a diet.


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          NED = The New Evolution Diet
          It's very similar to PB and Paleo.