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Sending out a big AWOO from the field...

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  • Sending out a big AWOO from the field...

    Hi everyone....

    I tell my writing students to pretend that they're having a conversation with their readers, and to simply put down what they would say on paper. So, if we were to have tea together....

    I am at the Certain Age mark, old enough to be your big sister. My goals are relatively simple: to lose enough weight to avoid heart disease and diabetes, and to get through menopause without a jail record.

    Since age 4, I have had problems with my weight due to issues with my adrenals and thyroid. Neither showed up on blood tests, despite having all the symptoms. After years of being told that I was a lazy hypochondriac with no willpower, I have a naturopath who believes me about the fatigue and the problems keeping weight off. She's monitoring both through bloodwork and we adjust my supplements according to the findings.

    About 10 years ago, I was able to knock off about 80 lbs. The last two years have provided Wolfdaddy and I with many opportunities for personal growth (family issues, a few passages into the next world, ongoing zoning issues--you get the idea). I ended up gaining back about 60 lbs. So we rebuild, and we try again.

    My one question is this: I tried going Primal on the suggestion of a nutritionist last year. About three days into it, I woke up, went to make breakfast, and had to lie down on the floor from the dizziness and nausea. What was that? Thanks.

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    Carb flu. It's a bitch, lol.
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      Hi Wolfmommy! The symptoms you're describing sound pretty intense (!), but they line up with what I've seen/read a lot of people report on here when they're going through 'carb withdrawal'--especially the dizziness (which I'm also experiencing, two weeks into Primal). Some have suggested phasing out/ratcheting back carbohydrates slowly, rather than dropping them immediately to low (ie, ketosis) levels, although others disagree and sometimes say consuming more fat is the right way to deal with it. I'm having success with the latter, while pounding tons of water--but everyone's body is different, of course. Good luck and welcome!


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        I hear you about the thyroid issues. I was told I was a hypochondriac too. It was nice when I was finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism that I could kinda rub it in their faces.

        I noticed that within the first I had nausea/dizzy spells...especially if I got up too fast. They have subsided though.


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          It's carb flu. I threw up those first few mornings, and was glad to find out it wasn't something else :-D It doesn't last long. The dizziness and nausea has to do with dropping insulin levels (good thing) and electrolyte imbalance that happens when you lose water weight fast (also a good thing). Increasing sodium intake is supposed to help with that, as well as taking potassium and magnesium.
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