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  • Hi all

    Been reading the site for while, have read some of the books and feel it is time, actually past due, to get on the band wagon. I have arthritis and some other bothersome symptoms that won't go into for now. Am in my mid 50s, female, and about 50 lbs overwt. So getting the whites out will help. I am at this time not able to exercise lower body, other than walk at slow/med pace most days, not all.
    My dr is not on the same page at all although will endow a Meditteranean diet. I go see him for other issues tomorrow -musco skeletal problems.
    My son is very into primal and has leant me the books and gave me a cookbook. I must learn make this and gluten free my meals of choice. Issues being not a huge veggie eater, meat yea, fruit sure regular veggies okay.
    Time to pull up the boot straps and come on board.

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    Vegetables use to not have a place in my kitchen till I went Primal 7 weeks ago. I must say if you don't add any nasty toxins into them, they are quite delicious. I would suggest buying coconut oil and olive oils (makes for great stable items.) I use the oils in most all food specially for my green fiber vegetables. I love spinach, absolutely love spinach! It's nice to see someone else join the Primal group I just joined tonight as well.


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      Welcome! Glad to have you on board.

      Walking most days is great. In general, avoid sitting for more than an hour without at least getting up and moving around some.

      Everyone can sprint. If the fastest you can normally go is slow, then slow+ is a sprint for you. Fast enough to get a little out of breath. Just eight sets, 30 seconds each, 90 second slow recovery movement, once or twice a week.

      Some upper body resistance work once or twice a week. E.g., standing pushups against the wall.

      Gotta ditch carbs (all grains, corn, potatoes, yams) in order to lose 50 pounds.

      Be sure to get some saturated fat and vitamin D.

      Good luck! If you have any questions, we will be glad to answer them.
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