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So I stepped on the scale this morning and... (First Post)

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  • So I stepped on the scale this morning and... (First Post)

    Hello from sunny San Diego! First, I'll finish my title sentence.

    So I stepped on the scale this morning and found I'm finally down to the 250's again. It's been a year and a half since I've seen the 250s, so it feels really good!

    A little background. I'm 34 years old, 6'1" and currently weigh 259.1 (woo!). In my 20's I weighed in at a hefty 380 lbs, and through extreme dieting and hours of daily exercise I got down to 202 in 2008. I was eating 1500 calories a day and running 30 to 40 miles a week, but I never was able to break into the 190's. Attempts to cut my calories further only led to muscle injuries and I was forced to cut back on my running, at which point my weight started to jump back up again. Adding to that I met a wonderful wonderful woman and my hours of exercise a day declined to hours of exercise a week and eventually.... nothing.

    Over the past 3 years I went from 202 back up to 281, which is a frightful increase but understandable since I was still eating the SAD way, low fat, lots of carbs, only lean meats, etc. I had my bowl of cereal every morning, and as the weight crept back I introduced diet boxed lunches, low fat dinner recipes, etc. trying to control my weight. I would get on exercise kicks, running, doing the gym, and I would stop the weight gain for awhile, maybe even lose a few pounds, but eventually it all would come right back again plus more. As I crept closer and closer back to 300, I felt awful. I was a marathon runner only a few years ago, how the hell is this happening to me again?!?!

    2 1/2 months ago, while flipping through Netflix looking for something to watch on a Saturday afternoon, I came across Fat Head. I watched, I laughed, I learned. I watched again... twice more. I then watched it again with my Fiancee (Our marriage is in November, and yes, the same wonderful wonderful woman from 2008) and once more with our roommate who is also very overweight. I was mystified. I felt like I'd been lied to my whole life. I was raised primarily by my Grandparents when I was young, and lost them both to heart attacks, and they were always eating the "Government Approved Way" of healthy eating, low fat, "healthy" carbs. Basically, I was pissed!

    The next Monday after watching Fat Head 5 times through the weekend, I went to the Fat Head website to get more information, then followed a link from there over to Marks Daily Apple. I bought Mark's book immediately, and over the next 2 days read through it at a lightning pace. I shared everything I found in Mark's book with my Fiancee and roommate, and they both (thankfully) agreed that we should change our lifestyles for the better, because what we were doing previously frankly wasn't working!

    That first day of cleaning our cupboards out of all the carbs, sugars, legumes and processed crap was a bit scary. When we were done, our pantry was empty save for 2 cans of black olives and I had 3 trash bags full of food. (I wanted to toss it out honestly, but I ended up donating the food to a local shelter instead, as processed food is still better than no food at all). The refrigerator purge was almost as bad, with barely anything left. Needless to say we went shopping that very night for some delicious primal fare! =)

    The past 2 1/2 months have been amazing ever since. I feel great, I eat awesome food, I enjoy my walks along Mission Bay with my Fiancee and we've both been losing weight almost effortlessly. Giving up our old way of eating was tough, but we have stuck to it and results are showing. I'm down 22 pounds now and she's down 17 lbs. I've also been reading more and more, Taubes, Shanahan, Wolf plus the hundreds of awesome Paleo and primal blogs out there. Our families and friends were skeptical at first, but have come to accept and a few have even started eating primal as well!

    People ask what "diet" I'm on and what's my goal, and I tell them to die of old age and natural causes, not from a heart attack, cancer or diabetes. The weight loss is just a side effect of living a primal healthy lifestyle.

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    Welcome dude! I'm looking forward to seeing you and your (then) wife in one of Mark's Success stories six months from now!
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      Fat Head was my portal into this too. Changed my life. I'm almost 4 months in (and 38 lbs gone, woot woot!) and love it every day. Congratulations on the 250's and good luck!


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        Good for you SDDude. It sure is a great feeling living better isn't it?
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          Glad to see you on here! It's amazing how the knowledge of what to do makes such a difference. There's so many people out there who know that the way they are eating isn't healthy, however they do not really understand what they should be doing and why. Once you find that information, it's really not all that difficult to stay the course. It can be challenging at times, but once you stick with it, the results will come.

          Both of you guys have been doing great! By the time your wedding rolls around you'll be back to where you were in 2008 and better. Keep us updated on how you are doing.
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            Better not get your suit fitted until the last minute Welcome!
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              Originally posted by namelesswonder View Post
              Better not get your suit fitted until the last minute Welcome!
              Hah, yea I know. Thankfully men's tuxes don't require a ton of alteration. Wedding Dresses on the other hand though.... My Fiancee is already down 1 dress size, and will likely be down another in the upcoming 4 months. I haven't seen her dress, but apparently it will be adjustable to make up for lost inches =)