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Skype! That just about says it all

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  • Skype! That just about says it all

    Did a search, saw that there was only really 1 thread on getting skype contacts AFAIK. And that one is...oldish.


    IF you want to throw your skype detes into the social whirlpool of MDA, feel free to do so on the dotted line. In this thread.

    Like, for starters, I PERSONALLY just got an account on Skype. Like, just tonight. Which is why I'm so excited and posting this message, even though I doubt there'll be much in the way of replies.

    For starters: hit me up at 'sleepytimegorillapress' if you ever need a long distance chat about...primal stuff? Anything? I dunno.

    Hoping that at least a few people are interested in this idea. And, if for some reason this thread pisses off mods because of some transgression...I guess I'm sorry.
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    Not on much due to my location (900 miles from the north pole); internet is slow and I have to pay ALOT. On more when I hit home in Phoenix though.

    Skype ID "littlesigh"
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