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Veggie Burger an oxymoron in primal diet?

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  • Veggie Burger an oxymoron in primal diet?

    Today is my first day in the Primal world and I am exploring possible foods. I LOVE Boca burgers and the carb count looks ok, ( 6 grams, 0 sugar) I am wondering if the grain content will nix them. I am imagining a grilled bb on top of a huge romaine, cucumber and tomato salad, drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Thanks for any guidance!!
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    Yes, sorry. Primal is flexible about some things but soy and wheat are forbidden. Are you uncomfortable eating meat? Or just like the Bocas? Tempeh and other fermented soy products are OK, though not ideal for Primal.
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      I used to love those veggie burgers, then i realized that the soy in them is all genetically engineered and that alone stopped me from buying them. I
      really miss them! But i will never eat them again due to the genitically modified soy!


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        You could probably make your own. I worked at a restaurant where the veggie pattie was made with JUST vegetables, don't recall any grains, and nothing to bind them. The restaurant went belly-up but the owners kept selling the veggie burgers. Now they are using the 'vegan' association to sell even more.

        I bet something like cauliflower with its mild flavor could be used to add volume and perhaps help bind them. My mom throws an egg into her meat hamburgers to help bind, not sure how that changes shelf-life in a veggie burger scenario though.
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          have you tried sunshine burgers? they've got rice, but are otherwise okay. i eat them on occasion.
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            Originally posted by aboutsaffron View Post
            have you tried sunshine burgers? they've got rice, but are otherwise okay. i eat them on occasion.
            Those are the only ones we'll let our daughter eat. Boca burgers are not food.

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              The thing about Boca burgers (which I ate back in the day too) is that they are fake vegetarian soy-based food product designed to taste as much as possible like hamburgers.

              So eat a real hamburger instead. (You can even buy pre-frozen patties.) And soon enough you'll wonder how and why you ever consumed anything as gross as a Boca. I admit the nukability is convenient, but read the ingredients -- Frankenfood.


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                Anything with Veggie-ground is forbidden in my house. We tried vegetarianism for a while a few years ago and it ended the day I tried veggie-ground. BARF!!!
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                  Not only do veggie pseudo-meats tend to contain soy, but they also almost always contain grain. I've been gluten-sick a few times after people decided to just not tell people at a potluck that their chili was made with veggie ground rather than meat (and when asked if it had any grain in it, said no). Gluten will make a celiac very ill, and some people have very serious soy allergies, and yet people think it's okay to just pass it off on people because they've decided that since it's vegetarian, it must be healthy and harmless.

                  Please note: I also disapprove of slipping chicken broth into something without telling a vegetarian, which used to happen to my brother when he was still strictly lacto-ovo veg. People have the right to know what they're eating.
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                    I don't have any recipes but I've had some homemade veggie burgers, and they're surprisingly delicious. Beet burgers are amazing.

                    Consider homemade veggie burgers the equivalent to a real kobe burger and boca burgers the same as a soggy McDonalds patty.