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34 year old dad who got into primal to look good in a swimsuit...

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  • 34 year old dad who got into primal to look good in a swimsuit...

    Hello, everyone! It's been two months now since I started primal, and slowly but surely progress is being made. I started by modifying my diet, and now I'm slowly incorporating Primal fitness into my routine (though I find it difficult at times to motivate myself). I'm not really tracking my weight, but I have gone from a size 40 to a size 36, with an eventual goal of size 32 (I'm 5'9").

    As far as looking good in a swimsuit...well, there is progress, and I think my back is coming along nicely. My chest and belly? Well...not quite where I'd like to be, but it's still early, and I know I need to be patient. Anyone else on here that started with little musculature and ended up with a decent physique thanks to going primal? I've read a lot of success stories of people losing tremendous weight, revealing a decent musculature underneath, but I don't think I've seen the reverse situation with someone who didn't have many muscles to begin with.

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    Awesome progress!


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      Losing fat and building muscle are two different things. Lose fat by eating right. Build muscle by lifting heavy things.


      • #4 has anyone had success going from little musculature to a lot of musculature by lifting heavy things as per the Primal Fitness regimen? That's what I'm asking. I haven't seen of those kinds of success stories.