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  • Primal Eater from the Highlands of Scotland!

    Hello one and all! How's it going?

    I'm new to this forum but not new to the Paleo lifestyle. I've been eating a Paleo diet for just over a year now and can honestly say that its the best change I have ever made. Over here in the UK Paleo is not well known (well I don't know anybody else who lives Primal) so it's refreshing to find a place where I can share questions and get advice from a Paleo community!

    So here is my question:

    I am an ex-service man and with the job obviously came a high level of fitness (more cardio orientated mind you) but after coming out of the services I dropped some exercise and for a while became quite sedentary. I am starting to realise (after reading Mark's excellent book) that exercise is important in the Primal way of life. I have started doing some more strength training and low level cardio. However I am in the 'last 10lbs' stage of getting to my ideal goal of a single digit body fat measurement (I currently stand at 12-13%). It may sound vain but when in the Army I didn't care about looking good, so long I could pass the fitness tests at a very high level and do my job effectively then body image didn't matter to me. Now that I am a civilian though, body image is starting to grow on me. For once on my life I would like to strut the beach with a six pack and be proud of my lifestyle.

    See with these last 10lbs or so to lose I still look a little 'thick' - not too much but it all settles on my abs where I can definitely pinch an inch! When I tell people what I eat they are skeptical and most usually point out that it can't be any good if I'm not ripped and still carry a little junk about! Although i tell them that its about how I feel on the inside and what good its doing my body on the inside most people go for the 'how you look' approach. So it would be nice to have both (I feel healthy inside 24/7 so that's not an issue)

    Mark states in his book to hit the 50 - 100g carbs a day point in the curve for the sweet spot for weight loss, but I am a little confused. I get to about 70g a day after eating an amazing amount of vegetables (including 150g sweet potato a day) and I eat roughly about 200 - 250g fat a day with a minimum of 180g protein a day. All organic sources, I have a little dairy each day, a few handfuls of nuts and maybe some berries if I feel like it. I cook everything in goats butter and use herbs and spices all the time. I also take Cod Liver Oil supplements each night. But I am still stuck with these last 10lbs!

    I don't weigh myself and I know you can't work a specific spot of the body to lose weight but I just wanted to know am I doing everything right or is there something I can change? Again I know it sounds very vain but at 23 I would love to have a six pack and lose that last roll of fat that has lumbered with me over the years!

    Man oh man that was a lengthy post!! If you made it this far I hope you can help!


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    Welcome! And say hi to the cows for me

    People will probably tell you to lift heavier.
    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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      Welcome Scotland Blackie! I know there are some current or ex-service people around here, and maybe they will chime in.
      Lower carbs won't matter if you feel good, it's the going higher that causes most people problems. Fewer carbs gets the stored fat to burn, though chocotaco is big proponent of carb refeeds. There's no one size fits all, so imho you have to do a certain amount of trial and error to find your particular best practices. All the best.
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        I know it's not a cure all, but do you do any IF? Then work out the next day on empty? Mix it up a little.. You may see the scale start to move on that last 10. Like Digby said, there is no one size fits all, gotta try different things.. Like they say, different strokes for different folks! Hope you find what works!
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