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  • primal pioneer in Arlington, Va

    Hey all. My fitness and nutrition journey began after college in March 2007. It's been a roller coaster of both discovery and misdirection; success and setback.

    Long story short, I completed two half marathons *before* discovering PB, but needless to say I'm the fittest and healthiest yet since learning the ten rules. So I've been primal since February 2011.

    One of my areas of interest is adapting PB living to a social lifestyle in my neighborhood, navigating the restaurants, bars, parks, and gyms with the 80/20 rule in mind. So if you're in or around DC, you might check out my blog, Courthouse Caveman at Courthouse Caveman

    Thanks, and I hope to contribute to the forum as often as I can.
    Makin moves. Makin money. Makin bacon.

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    I lived in Arlington (Clarendon area) for most of the 80's, loved it! I assume that most of the Vietnamese and Salvadorean restaurants are still there?

    Welcome aboard!


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      Nam Viet is still in Clarendon, though it's moved off Wilson a little. I think the Salvadoran places may have all left though. Along Clarendon and Wilson, are over 130 bars, restaurants, and cafes between Washington Blvd and N Rhodes!
      Makin moves. Makin money. Makin bacon.