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Lazy, depressed, and anxious... time for change!

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    Girlarchitect, thank you for writing that out. I've been really intimidated by all this coconut oil business and wondering where "regular" foods can fit in for my simple self. I lucked out and had a really late meal last night (bacon and eggs mmmm), but I definitely see that I need to eat better.

    I hate acknowledging that my eating habits need such a serious overhaul, but I know that they do. It's going to take time to get my head around this, I have to get the motivation to do it, even though I already have the motivation to change.

    I think I'll take the hit to the wallet and go to the salad bar in my building for lunch today so I can ensure I eat enough. I just don't have time to prepare anything now, I've got therapy before work today (man why is it that therapy is more distressing than everyday life?)
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      I'm glad you found my comments in anyway useful!! It's a huge change you are taking on. We all struggle with it as we are swimming against the tide of most of our friends, family and society. And that's only part of it. Our bodies initially crave what we are giving up - the sugars, carbs and even the chemicals. (some we get over easier than others). Most everyone's diets need a major overhaul when they start here. The standard diet is awful and addictive and it's really difficult to change your life in the modern packaged world we live in. This is what we all have in common here. The fact that you need a change and know it and are trying to do something about it is a huge step and one you need to take every morning.

      The thing I really like about Mark is his 80/20 approach and the overall understanding on this site that different people approach this lifestyle in different ways. For right now (at least the first month) stick to the Primal 101 postings for guidelines about what changes to make. Use that as your starting point and focus only on his recommendations and what works for you. His approach is simple and his recommended basic meals aren't complicated to make. He eats a pretty basic no frills diet and it works. Use the Daily Apple postings for inspiration and use this forum for support via your journal. That's what you need right now. Ignore all the rest for one month.

      Cut yourself some slack this week if you are too busy to go to the store and get what you need for right now. Focus this week on cutting out sugar and reducing the amount of grains and chemicals and increasing your protein in your diet this week. A salad bar is a reasonable compromise for today - just make certain you add protein to your salad!
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