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    Hello! I am on Chapter 4 of the Primal Blue Print. I am a carb lover so this is a whole new way of eating/living for me. I want it to become a new way of living. I am also doing Insanity and am not sure if it's healthy to be doing the intense Insanity program with the Primal Blue Print low carb eating. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Hope to get to know many of you and learn how to live a healthy life and shed those last 7-10 lbs!

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    I know little about Insanity. Short intense workouts are part of Primal. Some people do longer workouts and many of those people eat some extra carbs such as sweet potatoes or even white potatoes and white rice. For sure you need to get off sugar, wheat and other whole grain carbs if you eat them. It's hard to tell you more without knowing more about you. Good luck on Primal.
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