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  • Help, oh help.

    Hello Everyone
    I am posting because I am at a loss for words. I've been doing Primal Blueprint, FAITHFULLY, for three weeks. I had high hopes, after failed attempts to lose weight with everything else out there, that this would be it. However, after my first weigh in since I started the program, I've gained weight. I'm now at a weight I barely approached when I was pregnant. To say the least, I'm utterly discouraged. Anyone have any ideas? Similar experiences?
    I doubt it's the "gained muscle " theory I keep hearing. I am battling the recent removal of my thyroid and post -hysterectomy two years...BUT, in spite of these things, something somewhere has to work. Good gosh I just want to wear a bikini and feel good...not asking much!!

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    I feel after reading posts below, I'll keep at it. I guess it was the weight GAIN that threw me off...not just the lack of weight loss. And I should probably go take my measurements now. I'm still up for feedback though!!


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      Well done.

      This is a process, personally i hate processes but i have gotten better at accepting that it takes months to see any real specific progress on long term goals.... and about 15 minutes to frak it all up LOL
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