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  • So good in theory

    When I read the New Evolution book, or other primal articles, it feels so logical, so easy, the foods all seem pretty cool, but then comes the evening, dinner is eaten in a flash, and there we go....

    It was a long weekend for us here in Canada, starting on Friday. I was not controlling fruit through this weekend, because it is too hard to do and because my excersie schedule in these 2 weeks is hard (I go on vacation on Fri, so to fir all my lifting I am lifting every other day, with no 2 day break for 2 weeks), so I figured no biggie. I was also a bit high on calorie side, but overoll was doing not too bad. Until last night, yakes.

    I thought I could be a good girl and have a slice of angel food cake with creme frais and fresh mixed berries (this week's cheat) that I brought for a little BBQ we had with out friends, but well, pretty much everything had sugar in it at the party, even salsa was a sweet variety & salad was one of those with cranberries and pecans. I skipped rice but had salad, salasa and grilled fish, and a couple of crackers with assorted cheeses. If I stopped there, it would have been Okay, but after the cake, sugar triumphantly took over my brain and I ended up binging at home on 3 slices of sprout grain bread with milk and dry pinapple/raisins; 2 segments of chocolate, a few marshmellows and a WO. I mean, I donít know why I didnít dig into the jam jar or honey. Thoroughly disgusting, and back to square one, as usual.

    Why despite all logic in the world, sweets and carbs call so powerfully to one at night?
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    It's been documented that we have a finite store of willpower (to be precise, the ability to resist urges) for a certain amount of time; so that's one possible reason. That said... you're not controlling fruit because 'it's too hard to do', and because your exercise is hard? Maybe it's an attitude thing. There's no arguing that it does take willpower to avoid ending up one of the regular fast-track-to-heart-attack slobs.
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      I have found that, if I absolutely have to eat non-Primal, it does seem to help a bit if I avoid anything with gluten. The sugar sucks, but it doesn't hit me anywhere near as hard as the gluten.

      Yeah, I was at a BBQ yesterday, and I ended up eating burger patties, a bratwurst anbd a few olives. Everything else was off limits for me (cookies, chips, buns, sodas, corn) and I ended up eating an almond butter packet I had in my purse.

      BUT... truth be told, just seeing all of that made me kind of lust after something sweet. The Boyfriend knew, and so he stopped at Dairy Queen for my standard "Can't help it, need something bad" treat, a small hot fudge sundae (which is gluten free at DQ). No issues at all this morning, but I would have been a mess if I had eaten even one burger bun earlier.


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        Hi, I normally control fruit, but because this 2 weeks are gruelling excersie wise, for the 3-day weekend I let myself to go to 3-5 servs of fruit over the normal 2-3 serves limit, since I figured, I will be using up that carb.

        It's sugar for me. I find whole grain actually hunger-busting, I can take them or leave them (that's why I was eating sprout-grain bread to stave off a sweets attack). But sugar is different.

        My will-power seem to go on for 2 day weekends Okay, but 3-day weekends always in a close proximity to food (and feeding the family 3x per day) are pretty much always too much. (Sigh). On the weekdays, I get up, cook my husband's breakkie/lunch, head off to work by 5 am, fast through the day (or have broth and egg white/veggies for lunch) and then get home, make supper, eat supper, drink as little tea with snack-off as I can and kick my butt to bed before I bindge... but on the weekend, I still get up about 5 ot 6 am, we normally get out by 9 am, get home by 3 pm, and as much as I try to stay out in the garden, I still spend a lot of time in the kitchen... argh. And the day is somehow longer?
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        When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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          I'm from toronto myself, with a dairy intolerance. I was so good all weekend...(Extra long for me it was 4 days)

          Last night I lost it, I had a few drinks which I had avoided all weekend, and then plowed into a delicious plate of nachos with cheese and sour cream.

          This morning I am wheezy and phlegmy and feel is a new day!


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            What surprized me was that I jumped out of bed this morning ready to take on the world, lifted like I was killing the bizons, and am neither hungry nor overstuffed. In fact I feel great. Early on, I thought I'd try 48 hour fast, but now I think I will just do normal dinner, but stay out of fruit plate as much as humanly possible.... and maybe swim or run or something carb-burning despite the fear it will mess up with recovery for Wed lifting (I gotta hit that 80 lbs bench, f it!!!)
            My Journal:
            When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.