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Greetings from Tokyo

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  • Greetings from Tokyo

    Hi Everybody,
    my name is Enrico,originally from Italy(Venice) now living in Japan.
    Due a Shoulder Rotator Injury i had too rest for a while(normally i practice mma and strenght training here) which lead me shamefully to eating lots of junk,losing strenght and muscle due the lack of training and boosting up my weight from 74 kg to 79 kg with some serious sugar/carb craving.
    It is time that i change something,so i decited that i go from now on full primal,no more heavy lifting which worsen my shoulder,more sleep and better lifestyle changes.
    I will also do little muay thai or grappling training since it worsen my shoulder and giving my rotators one month of rest,with few primal exercises(no overhead stuff) and shoulder rehab.

    I will post sample meals and progress in another section and hoping for tips and improvement from this awesome community.

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    Good stuff dude. I envy you for living in Japan...
    The Primal Journey of Mr and Mrs Fist


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      I also envy you, but having lived in Japan before....phew! I can't imagine how expensive living Primal would be. Meat and vegetables are outrageously expensive there. I guess if you can focus on fish (especially with the fish markets there), that would be cheaper than trying to eat red meat.


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        Welcome! Best of luck on PB.
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          I'm a paleo foodie, come check out my recipes:


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            Thanks to everybody.
            Yeah maybe it can be a bit expensive,but since i want to go in the first month under 100 or even 50 gr of carbs and rely more on protein and fat its ok and i will stick more to oily fish like macrele,which is amazingly cheap over hear.
            More inside my log