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Here I go...again

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  • Here I go...again

    This is my first time ever joining any kind of forum.! Anyway have dabbled in low carb dieting for the last number of years but always failed and put extra weight on mostly because \i was being too restrictive and when i cracked I really cracked. So , I have all Marks books and like the emphasis on fruit and veg...I want to be healthy as well as slim and honestly believe the primal diet is healthy. This matters when you have to defend your diet from people following a more conventional path. I have never been as fat as I am at the moment but walked this morning and then stuck copy of primal food triangle on the fridge so here goes! I m off now to read the success stories and get all fired up, it s going to be an adventure!
    O Malley

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    Good Luck! Let us know how it goes.
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      Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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        Good to see you here!

        LOTS of info on the website and the forums.


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          Good Luck - I too had never been this weight before as it had seemed to just keep mounting out of control after an operation.

          I found emptying all my cupboards and just stocking Primal foods really helps - so far its been far easier than I was expecting so I hope you find the same.
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            Thanks Pebbles, checked out your photos you look amazing- very inspirational!


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              Thanks for the welcome Ritarose, your results are fantastic...will keep me going!


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                Thanks Solldara, good advice. I m not finding it too difficult at the moment, sure beats counting and weighing things.


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                  Thanks for the welcome Belinda, can t believe all the amazing results all of ye are getting. Hopefully that ll be me in a little while!