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Mmmm.... bacon, chocolate and berries?!

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  • Mmmm.... bacon, chocolate and berries?!

    I think I have truly died and gone to heaven. Once the beautiful cavewoman body emerges, I think I may punch whoever invented the CW diet in the face.

    A friend told me about PB a few days ago. I am allergic to wheat/gluten and severely lactose intolerant. A few days ago I had another allergic reaction to.... something. I think it was either the gf oats or the rice I ate. So I bought the PB book for my Kindle. (it's pretty wordy- any tips on which chapters/pages to read?)

    I've been doing P90X for over 4 wks now and love it. My endurance has definitely increased, but my size isn't going down very fast. I had changed my diet a couple weeks in to the CW, low-fat diet and noticed that my skin is breaking out like crazy (my friggin boobs are shrinking! WTF!?) and I now have scalp issues. Not cool. So, I then joined a 30 day clean eating challenge and was informed about PB! Hopefully this won't be too difficult for me to do since I am already GF/DF and have been for over a year.

    I have also convinced my husband to do it with me. The kids are going to be doing it mostly too. So far they are loving all the fruits and veggies (they are healthy kids like that) and it won't be too difficult to get them away from grains.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how well this works for us. I need to lose and my husband needs to gain. Since starting just a couple days ago I have lost 1lb (I hadn't lost anything in weeks!) and I've noticed my scalp is less itchy. Freaking sweet!

    Today we went and got the PB Cookbook and probably 4 lbs of bacon along with the rest of our meats from the butcher. We also went strawberry picking today with the kids. Since it is the very end of the season, it felt crazy primitive. LOL It was definitely a scavenger hunt to find the good berries!

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    I have identical issues, except I am also allergic to corn. My scalp issues have cleared up nicely on this, and that was after the dermatologist told me there was no cure and I'd have to deal with it and treat the symptoms as best as possible. I'm still new to this, too, and still reeling a bit from the discovery that I'm gluten intolerant or have celiac (they haven't decided yet). I've also had no trouble losing weight, and haven't been hungry at all, which is awesome.


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      Hi Indigo!

      Going g/f was really hard for me at first. It took months for me to stop cheating (and it hurt my body like crazy every time I had even a smidgen of wheat/gluten)
      I'd been noticing some things that were so upsetting on the CW/low-fat diet. Like, the fact that my hair is SO THIN now! Really, I was starting to look like a teenager all over, but in a bad way- bad skin, bad hair and feeling blah.

      How long have you been doing PB?


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        Welcome Jenifer! I hope Primal goes great for you and your family.
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