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    Hi everyone,

    I come here and read and am so inspired and want to join all of you in the Primal lifestyle. I have tried several times, and have been pleased with the immediate results - feeling better, weight dropping off without counting every calorie, etc.

    But each time, within a couple days I develop the worst diarrhea. And the only thing that seems to help is going back to eating grains. I've tried to just put up with it and hope that it would resolve itself, but after 2-3 days of being miserable and afraid to stray far from a bathroom, I've returned to eating grains and the stomach issues go away.

    I'm ready to give it another try. This time I plan to avoid eggs, which I think may have been part of the problem. But if it recurs, does anyone have any suggestions?


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    Nice to see you're giving it another go - without knowing what you were eating its very difficult to advise much so my best advice would be keep a note of what you're eating ie start a journal - then you can try to identify what is causing the problem.

    I personally stopped dairy for a while, others have stopped nightshades so the key will be there you just need to find it.

    I'd stick to plainish food for a start ie Roast meat with roast carrots, onions, mushrooms for tea - cold leftover meat salad for lunch, chicken, prawns or berries for snacks, that way it'll be easier for your stomach to get used to the idea rather than throw lots of spices and things at it that it may not be used to. I found that toilet wise it can take a couple of weeks max to get used to the fact that you will do far less so don't expect things to be the same as you are putting less rubbish in so you'll get less out. Theres no need to strain or take supplements to cause movement. Also I would just eat whenever you are hungry which I think is more than people generally eat when you start - what will an extra couple of days of weight loss matter if you are feeling better to start and actually make it work.

    Plus - take a couple of days off or plan it over a weekend so you'll feel more able to take the time and experiment to sort it out if it does occur again.

    Hope this helps
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      What have you eaten when you tried before? How was your diet different besides avoiding grains? Did you jump in with big assed salads and lots of coconut? Many folks who start Primal complain about constipation.

      Your current plan sounds like a good way to start. I would just point out that many prawns are raised in horrible conditions - chemical laced sewage ponds really.
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        Great Info!

        Thank You Solldara! I've been slowly getting into the Primal way, haven't had the chance to sit and check this site out much since though you managed to answer a question I had in the back of my head! I've found that I certainly use the toilet much less then I used too and was wondering if this was normal! I thought that perhaps I was doing something wrong, it was nice to see this thread when I stopped by today, your response to the original poster made a lot of sense and I'm glad to know that I shouldn't be surprised by that change lol.

        I look forward to going through all these great posts and picking up some more great advice and information!


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          Hi Red, I had that problem at the beginning too. It lasted for a couple weeks. I found that eating more bulky foods helped. ...apples, broccoli and such. I'm sure glad I toughed it out though. I feel like a million bucks now (after 3 months Paleo.) And I just found out that my cholesterol is down 53 points, from 271 to 218! This is way worth the temporary suffering.


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            I'm pretty sure that we poo less because our bodies can use what we're giving them. I mean, I can take a shot of coconut oil and it just vanishes into my bloodstream to fuel ketosis, which I then urinate to complete. So with a high-fat diet, we end up peeing out a lot more waste that with a high-carb diet. That said, I usually eat two zucchini and two green apples every day, so there's my bulk right there.

            I also got the runs a lot at first. Takes a few months for the body to figure out what to do with that much greenery. Give it time and revel in the regularity. And keep up on the water!
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              just to throw in my 2cents...eating a lot of fat when you're not used to it can have a laxative effect. often, when people complain of constipation on PB, the suggestions are always "drink more water" and "eat more fat to make things 'smoother'". i think just giving your body time to adjust will work out any bowel problems you may experience, though it might be an uncomfortable week or so!


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                Solldara's suggestions sound good. It also might help to start by focusing more on meat and less on veggies, and then gradually increase veggies and fruit.


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                  Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

                  As to what I was eating on my previous attempts . . . The first time, I started taking fish oil capsules, and I think that was the primary culprit. So I've stopped taking them for now - stuck them in the freezer - and I'll try gradually easing them back into my diet once I have the basic diet established.

                  The second and third tries, for breakfast I was basically eating eggs and bacon or sausage with fruits and veggies mixed in. I often wasn't hungry for much of a lunch, I stayed so full for most of the day on that. If I was hungry, I'd have a basic salad with some type of meat on top. For dinner I'd have meat with a side of veggies and fruit. It was pretty basic stuff, no really unusual spices or anything.

                  I will be playing around with my food, trying different combos. This time, I'm definitely avoiding eggs in the beginning. If I find anything that works well I'll report back in case anyone in the future is looking for help with this issue.

                  Thanks again!


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                    Originally posted by RedRobin View Post
                    As to what I was eating on my previous attempts . . . The first time, I started taking fish oil capsules, and I think that was the primary culprit.
                    That could defiinitely be. The Boyfriend decided to take fish oil capsules a few months ago and he might as well have set up a sleeping bag in the bathroom. Not good.

                    I started taking GNC's triple fish oil and he looked at me like I was carrying explosives. No problems at all. I'm not sure if it was an issue with his fish oil capsules being rancid, not being used to so much fat, or his system just not being used to it as much as mine.

                    I agree with stopping them for now, and maybe trying them again later or trying a different brand later. Make sure you keep them in the fridge after you open them, too.