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    Hey Everyone, I'm Sarah, I'm 22, I'm getting into the primal lifestyle to hopefully get healthier, improve my vision, digestion, and skin. Also would like to transform my four pack into a six and get sleeker arms and legs, but I guess that's just vanity speaking.

    I've been off of wheat completely since Sunday (the 26th of June.) I'm halfway through the Primal Blueprint book, but I wouldn't say I'm 80% compliant yet, I've been having strange cravings for sugar and too much pasteurized dairy, and I've been giving in to these cravings the past two days in the form of smoothies and coffee/tea lattes. There was white rice powder in the ingredient list of something I ate as well, and I'm not sure the smoothie's protein blend didn't contain soy.... I also don't sleep enough, except on my weekends, and don't work out as much as I'd like to during my work week. Despite all my flaws, I've already noticed improvements in my skin and energy levels. Anyway, I'm excited to do this as best as I can & hopefully reap all the benefits possible! See you around. -Sarah

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    Hang in there. You don't have to do it perfectly. Dairy is OK. Most of us can't get raw. i wouldn't use it anyway. Dairy might slow down fat loss though.
    Fight through the sugar cravings. They will go away. Get plenty of protein and fat.
    Vanity is fine. It works for Mark.
    Good luck!!!
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