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One Week In, Slight Fatigue

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  • One Week In, Slight Fatigue

    My husband and I are one week into the Primal way of life and we're both feeling fatigued. It doesn't feel like a shaky sugar crash or "bloaty" digestive upset. We're just tired. Meat (other than fish) was only a rare part of our diet before. We had already eliminated refined flour and sugar from our diet prior, so we didn't expect much of a "detox" period. Has anyone else experienced fatigue at the beginning stages? Any advice?

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    On the PB, no, I never had fatigue. I hopped straight into the exercise routine and was fine. Are you two doing the exercise? Specifically, are you getting in your walking? You might find it helps a little. However, a couple months before I jumped into the PB, I went on the Atkins diet for about a month and a half, and on that diet, yes, I had a lot of fatigue from week one to week two. Because the Atkins diet is so similar to the PB, I would assume many primal folk have experienced fatigue as well. I was off the Atkins diet for a good three months before I went on the PB, but I still didn't experience fatigue.

    Are you two following the Primal Blueprint Fitness?


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      Hi Aly,

      Thanks for the response. To answer your question, no we have not specifically followed the PB fitness during this first week but we do both exercise. My husband goes to CrossFit 3-4 times per week, and I typically take ballet class in along with a couple of bike rides to the beach every week. A little more background, we both enjoyed good energy levels being vegetarian over the past three years, but it was not the crazy energy levels that we were striving for. Always open to new ideas, we decided to give PB a try which really just meant dropping the grains from our diet and adding back in meat. We are definitely not trying to lose weight. My hunch is that our bodies are just going through a little shock. Our hope is that this is just one step back before a big leap forward, but if we are the only ones that have experienced this that might not be a good sign. We liked everything we read in the PB; Hopefully our bodies will agree!



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        This is just one of the many symptoms of carb flu. Some get them all, some only get one or two, some are lucky and don't get any. Google "carb flu" on this site and you'll find tons of stories. In the meantime: hydrate, rest, and be kind to yourself.
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          Very helpful, thanks Griff!


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            I was majorly fatigued the first week or two. I'm four weeks in now and feel normal if not better than previously. It keeps getting better and easier each week.


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              I was pretty fatigued for the first couple of weeks. I exercise (can't help it - it's my job) and I could barely make it to the end of the work day. It went away after 2 or 3 weeks when my body adjusted. Now I have more energy and sleep better (which probably helps too).

              Hang in there. You won't feel like this forever!


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                I did. It goes away after a week or two. Then, just lately, I was getting some cramps and twitches and realized I wasn't eating enough salt or magnesium. Fixed that and I'm rollin' fine.
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