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    Hello all,

    I found the blog through a link on a gallbladder discussion forum. I had my gallbladder out two years ago, and suffered from bile drip since, which is common in about 30% of patients who have had their gallbladders removed. Over the past two years, I've noticed that when I eat higher protein and less of everything else, my stomach behaves better. I've read a little about the paleo diet in researching this, and decided to come check this out. I found a few threads on it here, but I'm still reading.

    I think my main problem for a lifestyle like this is that I'm not a huge meat eater, out of taste more than conviction, and that's been true since I was a child. However, I was discussing this with my dad this week, and he needs to lose a few pounds and showed quite a bit of interest, which surprised me. So I'm researching for both of us. I doubt he would join, but he might read the blog. We're still working on responding on Facebook with him...

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    That's great that your dad is considering this! I wish mine would - I know he'd benefit from it in many ways. But he's stubborn!
    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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      Our son has embraced the Paleo/primal way of eating too. I sent him the website, and the food list for starters, AND told him about no acid reflux, no brainfog in the am, and the weight I'd lost in the month I'd been on it, and loaned him my 2 week old book. He is now calling me with recipes, ideas,
      and is losing weight too. My husband has now stopped getting the junk he would eat in addition to all the primal foods I was fixing(he had no choice but to eat what I served, or prepare his own!! I didn't even ask. What a joy to have a hubby who has always eaten whatever I served!!) And son returned my book +the Why We Are Fat book, and had purchased his own Primal Blueprint book. Cheers all around, and to you and your Dad IndigoBanshee.


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        Thank you all! I'm making my dad try to eat some examples today, and I think he's going to like them. He likes meat and lots of butter! He's been pretty unhappy with his weight gain since quitting smoking 4 years ago, but I have to say I've much preferred that he quit than he gain a few pounds. But I think he might be up for trying this for awhile at least. I'm trying the coconut pancakes with eggs and bacon this morning, and some whitefish tonight with butter and vegetables.

        And me!! I woke up this morning with no stomach issues whatsoever! Not even a rumble! And usually my stomach is very sour in the morning from the acid buildup, and it's not. That hasn't happened since way before my surgery, I don't think. I'm so excited! I think I didn't eat enough by Primal standards, but I was not very hungry at all, so I guess that's a good thing, too. Ate about 1500 calories, 100g of fat and 100g of protein. Carbs were at 92, which I think I will probably vary between 75-150 at least to get started for now and see how it goes.