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  • Help with Carb Flu

    Hey guys and gals,

    I am on day 2 of this plan and have had the worst migraine since sometime yesterday. It is to the point where I can't move. I think I am eating enough but its to the point that if it continues I will need to stop. This bums be out, but if I can barley function I just cant do it. It's like the worst hangover I ever had x10.

    Are there any tips or tricks to help curb the effects?

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    A few things that helped me with the initial sugar crashes and withdrawl

    1) drink plenty of water.
    2) Keep on you a bag of nuts (almonds/walnuts/cashews/etc) - eat these when you feel weak.
    3) Have fruit available - banana, apple, dried dates, etc.
    4) Lara bars work well for on the go.
    5) eat a nice big breakfast - eggs, bacon, salad, etc. Throw in some sour cream and avocado to get the fat/calorie count up.
    6) if you are seriously dogged, a baked sweet potato can help with carb refueling.

    For me Carb flu lasted about 2 weeks. I weened myself off the nuts and lara bars after a month. Today I don't even eat breakfast, but I eat a nice lunch and dinner.
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      I have tried all of that (with exception to the Lara bars) but I still have mind gouging migraines.


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        Dear Jeds,

        Sorry for your migraines. When you were eating carbs did they contain caffeine(chocolate)? Coffee, etc? If so, since your symptoms are so bad you should taper off of them. My DH was a chocoholic and had bad headaches with a clean break but was able to cut back every week for a month until he no longer ate them and had no symptoms.

        Hope you feel better soon.


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          When I've gone through carb withdrawal, I find that taking some ibuprofen helps a lot. I don't normally take it, but I know what you mean--the headaches can be really debilitating, although I don't think I could classify mine as migraines. Hang in does get better!


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            Do the headache "pulse" or is the pain "linear"?


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              It's detox. You have to be kind to yourself while you're going through it. Carb flu, detox, kicking the addiction - all the same thing. You've been given good advice in this thread; follow it, especially the hydrate-yourself and take-pain-medication-if-necessary advice. I found that Excedrin Migraine reduced (although did not completely cure) my headaches when I was a migraine sufferer.
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                I use head on when I get migraines, but any kind of pain relieving cream has worked too. I only take OTC pain meds as a last resort and right before I sleep.


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                  I always find that high fat nuts (macadamia!) or a spoonful of coconut oil helps to keep the body focused. Sugar withdrawal is terrible, grain withdrawal is worse, and if you cut off coffee, that's the trifecta of pain.

                  It will pass and after it's gone, you'll be more clear-headed than ever! Keep on it just a few days longer. My carb flu took 4 days total, but I came out better than ever.
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