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Primal Beginner...HELLOOOOO!

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  • Primal Beginner...HELLOOOOO!

    Hi everyone!!

    I am brand new to the concept of Primal Living and have switched to this lifestyle for a week now, today (Sunday) is my seventh day. So far it is going along wonderfully and *knock on wood* I have not had ANY cravings for carbs what so ever like I used to, and I even made a batch of cupcakes for my coworkers and was not tempted once during the whole process! I did have a few headaches each day in the morning when I woke up, but those have since vanished. I finished reading Mark's book yesterday evening and was a tad sad when it was finished, I enjoyed it that much!

    A little background on me. I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I have lost almost 100 pounds before in recent years, only to put the majority of it right back on again. I am a 29 year old female, and about 5'6''. The highest I ever got was 242 pounds back in 2004 when I was in college. I came home for Summer break and decided I needed to make a change. During the summer of 2004 I cut back my calories and just ate healthy (at the time thinking whole grains was healthy). I did the whole calories in vs. calories out ordeal, ran twice a day, and swam laps in my pool every afternoon. I eventually got down to around 165-170 pounds and that Fall back at college I joined the lacrosse team and lost even more weight by being even more active. I eventually got down to 139 pounds, my lowest weight ever that I can remember.

    Over the course of the next couple years I finished college and moved to Florida and took a job as a police dispatcher working the night shift. As I was on that night shift for two years I ballooned back up to 200 pounds. I didn't work out as much and the question every night at work was 'What's for dinner?' My stomach got huger while my wallet got slimmer I swear.

    I had an epiphany while shopping for an interview outfit for a promotion and realizing that nothing in the "misses or juniors" sections fit me. I decided I needed to hunker down again and lose weight. That time I got down to 158 calories by doing the same as before, calories in vs calories out.

    I worked two more years on the night shift, then moved to Atlanta with my boyfriend summer of 2010. During that time frame I gained ALL the weight back and as of this past Monday I weighed 203.2.

    I came across Mark's Daily Apple while trying to find a list of low carb fruits and vegetables for my boyfriend who wanted to go low carb during his last two weeks of a weight loss competition he is doing at work. I spent a couple hours going through the website and reading about the Primal way and eventually downloaded "The Primal Blueprint" to my Nook and pretty much could not put it down.

    The rest is history as they say I guess. I have been pretty much living primal since Monday June 13th. Surprisingly I have not had any crazy cravings for sugary and salty carbs like I used to. I was a 'what are we having for dessert after dinner kind of girl every single day.'

    Since Monday I have lost 8.6 lbs! 8.6 lbs in a week is just mind boggling. I know the majority of it is just water weight but still it makes me excited for the future. And yes I know I will not have this much weight loss in a week ever again and not to expect it but it's still a nice surprise. I am pretty much fully convinced that living the Primal Life is the way to go. I am very excited to make this my lifestyle change for the rest of my life.

    I can already see a difference in my face, it is not as red and puffy and also in my lower abdomen, it's not nearly as pouchy or bloated out as it was a week ago.

    Now, if anyone actually read this whole thing, thank you very much! I look forward to meeting some new friends and plan to start a journal to map my progress!!!

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    FYI: Atlanta Paleo/Primal Meetup (Atlanta, GA) - Meetup