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Any Primals in Germany?

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  • Any Primals in Germany?

    Hi Primal People,

    Just wanting to know if there is any other people trying the Primal Blueprint in the land of beer, bread, schnitzel and potatoes?
    I'm originally from Australia, where you have the freedom to eat like this with no real problems.
    People here in Germany really look at me crazy when I mention that I eat this way and no one can understand why I would want to, especially when the beer, bread and all are soooooo wonderful and look at me, I'm not fat mentality!
    I would love to get an idea of how you cope with the consent negitivity towards your lifestyle, shopping hints and tricks, especially as we don't really have the same range of products that you can get from the states... ie grass feed steak and really 'fresh' fish.
    Trying my best in the situation I have...
    Love the primal way of life, thanks to Mark and all the people on this forum who give support and inspiration.

    Cheers AGirl

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    Hey there,

    Hey guys,

    I live in Germany and also just started my own blog on how to live Paleo in Germany and on the road in Europe. I just started, so there's not that much on there yet, but I am working on it. I will write all my posts in German and English.

    A german cavegirl
    My blog about living primal in Germany: