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  • Feeling frustrated

    I have made a complete transition away from grains and processed food. I was down about 5 pounds as I was slowly cutting them out. Now, 3 weeks later there is no change.
    My exercise plan has undergone a dramatic change from my triathlon training regiment, which I started 2 years ago to lose weight and get in didn't work.
    Now, I swim an hour twice a week with my heart rate monitor staying in a lower zone. I do one really long difficult ride once a week. I get in a power yoga class, and my 2 days of pb resistance. Some times I ride my bike to run errands. My energy level is good. My performance on my long ride day is amazing. There is no bonking and my pace is good. Yay!

    Additionally, I am finding it difficult to find new and simple foods to eat. I am a business owner behind on work, a Mom, and a full time student.

    I have tried everything over 20 years to shed 20 lbs and keep it off. I just don't know what to do.

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    Simple foods won't be easy to address. I have found that eating this way requires effort and more cooking on my part. However, fruits and veggies can be simple snacks, but cooked meals will obviously take time to prepare.


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      If you have a big appetite you might want to track your food for a week or two to see how much you are taking in. If you eat all your body needs, then it won't let go of the fat.

      I was a sugarbaby; meaning since I was born I was given lots of sugar, and ate lots of processed foods, especially sweets until I was into my thirties. Most people in the west were/are sugarbabies.

      “How does today’s youngster educate his sense of taste? By submerging it in a sea of sugar from the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed.” W. Root and Richard DeRochemont, Eating in America (1976)


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        Stress is a huge obstacle in dropping fat, how well are you sleeping? If your energy levels are good I don't think you're working out too hard but you might want to stick to shorter, intense workouts instead of the chronic cardio. There's a lot of things that can come in to play here. You're pretty active so you might need to actually be eating more to lose that last bit of weight. Also, if it's only been 3 weeks, you could be building a decent amount of muscle in addition to losing weight so you won't see improvement on the scale, which is why you need to work off how you're feeling not the numbers on the scale (which can vary so much during the day anyway, get rid of the scale for the next month!)
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          I find primal eating to be ridiculously simple. It only has to be difficult and time-consuming if you want it to be that way.

          What's hard about bacon and eggs. Or cottage cheese and a little fruit. Or a grilled chicken breast or bbq hamburger with some steamed vegetables. I can have half a spaghetti squash steaming in the microwave while I'm frying a couple of sausages. Salads are ridiculously easy too. Mixed greens come in these really cool big plastic containers... and most of the time, they've even been washed for you Take this nifty invention called a can opener - smush up some salmon or tuna and away you go!

          I usually only season with melted butter, sea salt and cracked black pepper, or olive oil/balsamic vinaigrette. Easy peasy!
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            Put your scales in the closet. Go by how your clothes fit.

            I have been doing Primal for about 9 months and have lost about 5 pounds. But . . . everything fits more loosely. I have a top hat that used to be snug. Now it falls down over my eyes. I used to have trouble finding a big enough watch band. The watch that used to be snug on the end hole, now hangs loose. I could go on. Partly, I probably have more muscle but also more bone density. Six months or so before starting Primal, I had to have a tooth removed because my body was reabsorbing it. Now, I take vitamin D3 and magnesium, and eat lots of vegetables with A and K, and some dairy.
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              I agree with Hedonist. Put the scale away.
              I'm a single mom business woman as well.
              I would die without my slow cooker.
              I call it my wife.
              This isn't what I wanted to be when I grew up; a potty trainer.
              I wanted to be a pirate. Well. You know how that goes.