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  • Too good to be true? Nope!

    That's what I thought when I first stumbled across this diet and this site, but I think I'm now a believer!

    First a little background, I have been riding and racing dirt bikes since I was 13 and during the last 3 years I have been competing at a high level in local events in the PHX area. One of my main issues in taking my riding to the next level (pro) has been purely an endurance and stamina issue. For those who are unfamiliar with Motocross or off-road motorcycling its not just sitting down and letting the bike do all the work, its arguably the most physically demanding sport in the world. Riding a 220lb 50horsepower bike with a power to weight ratio of a Ferrari that wants to throw you off as you hurl over 100ft ft jumps at 60mph is so unbelievably intense that it took me running 5 days a week in the HR zone of around 170 AND practicing 3 days a week on the bike just to make it through a 6 lap race that lasted maybe 10 minutes. If I stopped riding for just a week coming back to the bike I would get intense arm pump and be so exhausted I would not be able to do 2 hard laps without having to rest. It was like starting over. For endurance races that last anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours I would never ever be able to keep a stable pace. This cost me a top 3 finish too many times. WTF

    5 months ago I had bilateral ACL reconstruction which put me off the bike since December. I also gained about 25 lbs from around 200 to 205ish to around 230lbs. I'm 6'3" fwiw. During those months I followed the same stupid CW which was calories in calories out, most of my calories from carbs, low fat, moderate protein blah blah blah. I kept a record of everything I ate for almost 4 months with an app on my android phone which told me I was constantly under 500 cals of my maintenance intake. I ate ZERO refined carbs, all whole wheat, brown rice, skim milk, lean meat, ate small meals every 3 hours and I STILL DID NOT LOSE WEIGHT!

    A month and a half ago I went in to get my VO2 max tested after reading about training in the fat burning zone, which I never did. After getting that done the Dr who did the test gave me the Primal Blueprint outline. I gotta say when I read that CW vs Primal Blueprint and how grains are bad and saturated fat is good I literally laughed out loud in the Doc's office! He politely told me to look it over and give it a try. That night I looked it over and it convinced me enough to buy the book, which I read the following day. Within 4 days of reading it I was 100% Primal. No milk, gave my huge brown rice stash to my roommates and got rid of every grain I had in the pantry.

    For 2 weeks I was under 50-100 grams of carbs purely from veggies and fruits and exercising in my fat burning zone around 127 and not over. In the second week I noticed I wasn't getting hungry when I didnt have my meal. My energy levels were constant throughout the day with only 2-3 meals. I woke up refreshed and energized for the first time that I could remember, it blew me away. But the true test came at the 2 week mark which was a saturday at a 2 hour endurance race. It was the first time I had been on a bike since december. I was totally fine with the possibility of coming in last place lol. That morning I wasn't hungry so I just had a banana. That was it.

    The first lap I braced for the onslaught of arm pump that was sure to come at any moment but to my amazement I completed the first lap completely fine! I didn't even feel like changing with my teammate. I did 2 consecutive laps which came out to around 20 minutes and just began to get winded. My teammate did one lap and remarkably I was refreshed and ready to go for another 2. In total I was on the bike for about an hour and 15 minutes and after the race I felt amazing, so much in fact that I felt that I could do a whole other race! Talking to friends who raced afterwards it seemed like they were absolutely hammered and out of energy. The contrast between us was so stark it had to be the diet and exercise I had been doing. There was no other explanation. Truly amazing.

    Since then I have lost 10 lbs and have begun intermittent fasting. I did my first 24 hour fast in 6 years 2 sundays ago, since I used to do it every month as a religious thing. It was a breeze! Before I would get cranky and could not get past 6. I now fast every weekend and its fantastic.

    Sorry for the long winded post but its truly amazing what I have accomplished thus far with this diet. I am excited to see how it continues in the coming months and hopefully be another Primal Blueprint success story.


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    Congrats, Todd! You're going to find a huge number of people here with similar stories. It's amazing the changes in health people have seen from going Primal.
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      Welcome! And good luck in future races
      Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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        Welcome Todd!

        I normally don't read long introductions due to how busy I am (I'm working on this!) but since your name is Todd I decided to read it all. My namei is Todd but I am better known as Primal Toad in the community.

        Congrats on your success! I wish you well in your future races.

        I am starting to do success stories on my blog. The first one was one week ago from yesterday. Would you like to have your success story published on my blog?

        Grok on Todd!!
        Find me at Cheers!


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          Thanks guys I really appreciate it! Todd, I would love to be on there not a problem. I'll have to add your blog to my new list of daily blogs to read haha.

          Grok on haha love it!