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Primal diet and osteoporosis

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  • Primal diet and osteoporosis

    Just joined. I work in New York, 57 years old. Generally healthy but want to LGN (Look Good Naked) and have been limiting my carbs. Lost 7-8 pounds over 4 weeks and have stabilized (5'8" and 147lbs now). Mark's fitness approach interested me and I am starting that.

    The reason I joined is to see if there is any information on the Primal/paleo diet and its effects on combatting osteoporosis for my wife (55), whose recent bone density test (for lumbar spine bone density) puts her at the beginning stages of osteoporosis. She has been walking for 30 minutes every day diligently for the past 12 months, and have been taking calcium supplements (though apparently not the most absorbable kind!). The results of the test have been very discouraging to her. Her current diet is not anything special, but at least she stays away from refined carbs/sugar.

    Any links to sources of information would be appreciated.

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    Calcium by iteslf is not going to help. Calcium citrate is good for most.

    Read this:
    Vitamin D Council > Health conditions > Musculoskeletal > Osteoporosis

    Vitamin D sufficiency is key. She should get tested right away.

    Also sufficient Magnesium (400-600 mg/day--most need to supplement), not too much calcium (500 mg/day is fine from all sources) and sufficient K, zinc & boron via diet.
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      True. From what I was reading (wish I could remember where...) it's not so much the amount of calcium you take in, it's how it gets absorbed. Excess calcium that doesn't attach to the bones can actually be a problem.

      I'm off to figure out where I read that...


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        And on that note, I've got a spot of good news for you - go out to the store and buy some dark chocolate. Cocoa is a rich source of dietary magnesium.


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          Some reading:

          Paleo vs Osteoporosis
          Ladies: We Can Stop With the Calcium Chews, Already | Mark's Daily Apple

          What I keep hearing is -- take D3, lift heavy things, keep bones strong. (grunt)
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            Originally posted by Hillyman View Post
            Her current diet is not anything special, but at least she stays away from refined carbs/sugar.
            Perhaps anti-nutrients could be an issue, too, since they seem to be capable of complexing minerals out of the body. Probably this means avoiding all cereal grains and legumes. Also un-soaked nuts will have anti-nutrients:

            Soaking Seeds and Nuts | Mark's Daily Apple

            I wonder if it's worth checking out Ramiel Nagel's book Cure Tooth Decay. Bones and teeth don't seem like they'd be a million miles away:

   Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition, Second Edition (9780982021309): Ramiel Nagel, D.D.S. Timothy Gallagher: Books


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              Thank you SO much, Hollywood!! I think you nailed it right on the head as far as what I can tell her! Thank you SO much for the pep talk, that's just what I needed to hear.


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                Calcium should be taken at moderate level and avoid to eat it in excess.