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    Count me in!


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      send me an email or private message through the profile page, once I get a handful, i'll put out an email that we all can just keep replying to. good for motivation, accountability, etc.

      obviously, be sure to include your email in the message.
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        Any word on our email group? Anyone else considering the tough mudder? Since you guys are local....or close...where do you get your food from in the Lex area? Especially meat.


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          I get my meat from Triple J Farms he grass feeds and does a bit of finish that includes a specific formula. @ $4.00 pound for the half cow it is the best value going. he is out of sadieville and he delivers. I haz cow coming this month. Whole Paycheck has good meat ..... if you want to spend $10.00 - $15.00 a pound. After 15 months of Triple J most anything from Kroger makes me very sick and the Hereford beef you can get at fresh market is only good if you trim off all the extra fat. The Coop is also cost prohibitive. Before primal I was just CW clean and i thought i was doing well. After Primal for a year there is so much out there that makes me sick to my stomach it isn't funny.

          For fish i just look for wild caught and buy it from them in the back frozen, no particular place, just wild caught.

          and my secret secret...... cant believe i am telling you this.... Critchfeild meats in Zandale has the only bacon i have found worth the name... When you cook the other bacon's the fat doesn't solidify when cooled.. the critchfelid bacon fat gets rock solid.....Which means undamaged fat versus damaged fat.... if your meat fat doesn't get hard at room temp it isn't good to eat, just throw it out.

          Fresh Market for Vegetables and Parmesan
          Whole Foods for Dairy ( goat butter, Fage, Eggs)
          Critchfeild for Bacon
          Vitamin Shoppe for local supplements
          Amazon for non local supplements
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            Thanks so much for the great reply. I will definitely check out Triple J Farms. I've never been to The fresh market but I will definetly check it out. Thanks for your secret secret by the way. I don't really buy a lot of supplements...maybe a multi which I probably don't need.


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              I'm gonna do the email group today...been crazy busy lately.
              Liberalism: ideas so good they have to be mandatory.


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                I did want to mention we get grass fed ground beef at the Co-Op for 3.99/pound. That's pretty cheap, if you ask me. Cheaper than Laura's Lean Beef (corn fed) and almost as low Kroger's packaged stuff (also corn fed).
                Liberalism: ideas so good they have to be mandatory.


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                  Another Kentuckian here, Northen KY. New to primal living.


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                    Northern KY here!!! Primals unite!!