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Hypothyroid and low testosterone female

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  • Hypothyroid and low testosterone female

    I am a 48 year old female and was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I believe my TSH was 5.5 and t4 was borderline-don't remember which way. He told me to take Synthroid and see him in 3 months. Since I wasn't happy about no further testing, I had an appt. with my gyno and spoke with her about the situation and she ordered more tests for a lot of things and the results came back as not hypo, but low in testosterone and vit. D. How can I be hypo for a week or two then not be hypo??? I was on levothyroxine sodium for about 1 week before being retested. I cannot post results as I haven't received them in the mail yet. What I can tell you is the my tsh was 5.5 initially and 2.5 on the 2nd test. All the t4's & t3's are supposedly fine. This thyroid thing is over my head. I've read a lot and try to understand it but fail. Right now I am confused on what to believe and do. I have the majority of symptoms for hypo and also those that go with low T. My gynecologist is going to start me on a testosterone cream. She told me to stop the thyroid med. Help! Thanks.

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    Thanks for responding. I have thought about seeing an endo but don't quite know how to go about it. Do I need a referral? I will ask my gyno and she what she says. Perhaps she can refer me. Anyway, to start the process I am going to ask my gyno to put me on Armour and see where things go. I did not stop the thyroid med and I am actually feeling a few results after being on it for 2 weeks. For the first time in a long time, I don't have freezing cold hands and feet and I can actually read in the evening without falling asleep. I am thinking the med is doing something. Since you are hypo, what can you tell me? Anything from the onset of being diagnosed, meds taking, results, etc. would be great.




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      I am a 50 y old female and have had hypothyroidism now for 23 years. I take both Synthroid and Cytomel daily. I'm also low Testosterone and Vit. D. I've been taking Androgel now for about 6 years and it helps a lot! I only need it every other day. If you start on that, please get checked every 6 months as the side effects if you take too much are not pleasant. I agree that you need a Endocrine doc to manage this correctly. I dont think you should have stopped the Synthroid - but follow up with Endo and get to the bottom of it.


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        I spoke with my doctor today who diagnosed me and asked his opinion on the 2nd set of results and he said the med could have already changed or it could be Hashimoto's. Anyway, he said clearly to stay on it. Now, I have to go back to my gyno and tell her I stayed on it anyway. Somehow I have to ask her to put me on Armour unless you all can convince me otherwise. I have read a lot of info and it all points to Armour.
        I have not slept much this week. I have to believe it is the levothyroxine sodium. Any ideas to help me. I am sooo tired but can't sleep. Don't know if this is just a transistion period or the way it will be.

        Pretty interesting that you dizzynva have exactly what I have for deficiencies. 23 years is a long time. I would guess that I've been this way for a long time but I thought it was normal. It was this website that got me questioning. I started eating primally last July and couldn't figure out why I never felt great like the majority. My stomach got better from stopping the grains, I lost a couple of pounds and that was it. Maybe now, I can get some of the results that I had been hoping for the last year.

        Any idea how long it took the T to start working and do you remember what the results were? It seems that the majority of the low T symptoms are the same as the hypo symptoms. I just received my T med today and will start tonight. Just waiting for the "burst" of energy to happen.

        Oh, as for endo, my diagnosing doc said he would refer me if necessary. Thanks once again for the feedback.


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          Please remember it takes at least 6 weeks for thyroid meds to reach full effect. Constantly switching doctors and/or meds this early in your thyroid journey is, IMO, not productive.

          The best advice I have-- stay on the prescribed levothyroxine dose for 6 weeks. at the 6 week mark have tests run to see where you are-- TSH, free T4, free T3, thyroid antibodies. During the six weeks educate yourself on thyroid disease- has a great thyroid site/forum. Eat well-get 50 grams of carbs a day (helps with conversion), make sure you get 200mcg selenium, and dont over do exercise.

          Be aware there are other issues that mimic thyroid symptoms-- low vitamin D, anemia including low ferritin, blood sugar issues. having these issues tested is a good idea.

          Also getting medicated for hypothyroidism is no guarantee that you will lose weight. I gained most of my weight after diagnosis while being under medicated.

          Finally seeing an endo does not guarantee optimal treatment. Mine worshipped the TSH, hated meds containing T3, and kept me under medicated for years. The best doctor is one who will work WITH you to find the solution, whatever that may be, so the you regain optimum health.


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            I was diagnosed with Graves disease when I was a teenager and was on Synthroid for years after they irradiated my thyroid. I'm not anymore (I take desiccated). If you have thyroid problems I suggest you read all the information on Thyroid Mistreatment, Hypothyroidism Scandals, and Thyroid Treatment Problems | Stop The Thyroid Madness. There is also a very supportive facebook group by the same name. Synthroid isn't always (I would say isn't ever) the best option. If I knew then what I know now I would have never gotten on it.