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Breaking the Shackles of a Grain Based Diet (!!!)

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  • Breaking the Shackles of a Grain Based Diet (!!!)

    Hello, I've decided to finally join this forum after perhaps a month of browsing (needless to say I've experienced quite convincing results in the favor of all the concepts put forth by this website), just thought I'd introduce myself and perhaps start some sort of journal, purely so that I can gauge my own progress (and perhaps receive enlightening advice from the members of this forum )

    To answer the "introductory" questions:

    I currently live in Australia, and I am 18 years old. In regards to how primal I am, I have (quite easily) removed all grains and refined sugars from my diet, something my mother can't comprehend (in her words, she can't imagine a life without bread). When it come's to organic meat and produce, I always have aimed to consumed free range eggs/fowl, as well as hormone free beef.

    I do consume dairy, however it is in the form of cottage cheese (which I love to have with scrambled eggs, or with carrots, usually post workout). I also do like to get a latte on occasion at university, but I guess that would be less than a glass of milk a week in total.

    I think it may interesting to note that my reasons for adopting this diet were far from weight oriented (currently I am 6'2, 165lbs). I began to take notice of some conditions which, when I look back, have plagued me since high school. These were (almost chronic) insomnia, sudden energy crashes during mid-late afternoon, and excessive sleeping when I could sleep in (this was particularly worrisome for my family/friends, I would go to be at midnight and lie in till 3, and they all assumed I was clinically depressed )

    Anyway, I began to look into nutritional reasons for such things, and quickly discovered a wealth of information on glycaemic index, insulin responses, and the effect of heavy carbohydrates on energy levels.

    I have, of course, felt other side effects which are a very welcome perk My skin seems to look a lot better (I've never had a problem with acne, but now it seems to almost glow), my eyes are a lot brighter, something I hadn't noticed until I started receiving comments on it (my eyes were previously brown/dark green, now they are almost a bright green, especially at night and at the beach for some reason).

    Hopefully I can convince my mum to try out, she is plagued with chronic headaches and lethargy

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    Welcome! It's great that you are starting early, instead of waiting until you are old like me.

    Dairy is fine unless you are lactose intolerant, which apparently you are not.
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