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  • I don't usually do this...

    I have never participated in a forum before. But I would really like some company on this primal journey that I am going on and was hoping to get a little of that here.

    Today marks me jumping in with both feet. I have been somewhat primal for the last couple of months while religiously reading MDA. As a very sugar sensitive person, I feel great when I eat this way and like crap when I don't.

    The single factor that is standing in the way between me and being 100% primal or (95% which is my goal ) is planning ahead. Prior to this I just have let life happen when it wants to. That doesn't work too well.

    I have a 4 month old little boy and the thing that is pushing me to give this an all out effort is his skin. he has cradle cap and eczema pretty bad. He scratches himself all the time and I really want to make it go away. I have read several posts of people saying that going primal helped them. So here I go!!!

    I am cutting out Dairy, Grains, Nuts, and Sugar. And I have a whole fridge full of Grass fed Beef, Chicken, Eggs, Vegs and Fruits.

    I am excited to see if his skin will look like a baby's should!

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    Welcome! So I'm assuming by reading this that you are breastfeeding your son and you want to see if your diet change will translate to healing his skin. Sounds like a good experiment, keep us updated on the results!

    Also I understand about the planning ahead thing as that has been my biggest struggle. Cutting out grains was no big deal for me, since I saw vast improvement in my digestion and general energy. But it is still hard for me to prepare lunches ahead of time so I still rely on eating out for lunch. I still manage to stay Primal in doing this, but I'm getting tired of eating at the same few restaurants.


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      A healthy, happy breast-feeding mommy should equal a healthy & happy baby

      I don't have much experience with breast feeding a baby, always had milk troubles, but there are lots of women on here who've done it successfully. Don't be shy about asking for help if you need it.

      Good luck!
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        Welcome mom! It's great you are doing this.
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          In addition to going Primal, make sure you are both vitamin D sufficient. It will help with his eczema.
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            Thanks for the reply!

            Thanks for the reply ! I have been taking cod liver oil for vitamin D.


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              Welcome! This isn't hard at all. It is your life, and your child's. Don't let things "just happen" anymore. You both deserve better.
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                Hi there! Welcome to it. As a fellow breastfeeding primal momma, I'd say you're doing the right thing.

                However, I should warn you -- don't feel like you're doing something wrong if the eczema / cradle cap doesn't clear up through diet alone. It's very common for babies and ultimately it's simply because they're growing fast -- they need to shed quite a few of layers of skin, and it isn't always as organized of a process as it should be.

                So, just keep exfoliating gently and oiling. To exfoliate, I wash her hair and the edges of her face with a soft baby brush and that's clearly what makes the difference because whenever I forget, it comes back. To oil, I have tried coconut and olive oil but my baby actually seems to do best with -- guess what -- baby oil! Who'd a thunk it...

                The scratching is just a natural result of the baby flailing around. It doesn't mean your kid is actually itchy; babies this age wouldn't be organized enough to scratch an itch even if they wanted to. Just try to keep those teeny nails trimmed/filed as much as possible.
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