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    Hello everyone,

    I've been lurking on this site and thinking about going primal for some time so thought I would reveal myself to make the commitment more concrete and hopefully shame myself into sticking with it. Right, I'm going to follow the rules and answer the questions.

    I am based in the UK, in Leeds, in an urban area but with access to countryside for exercise and also semi-urban trails. I am aged 50 (how the hell did that happen?!) but feel a lot younger except when getting up in the morning! I was a public service worker but due to the cuts programme here was given the option of an early retirement package which I grabbed before they changed their minds, this gives me the summer at least in which to make a life change and develop some good primal habits before I decide what to do next with my life. However I will also be doing this on a much-reduced income and whilst I am very low-maintenance (no car, no kids, no mortgage, great husband) could be a challenge.

    In response to "How Primal are you", at the moment not entirely though being a foodie I have a bit of a start - that will change although it may be more 60/40 initially than 80/20. I do consume dairy, I love cheese although not plastic/processed stuff, rather super-strong cheddar, blue Stilton or smelly Camembert, and I can't see me giving this up entirely. I do drink coffee and tea, with milk, no sugar and herbal teas.

    My motivator for switching to Primal is that it seems to make sense for optimal health, and the older I get the more I see good health as the only thing that matters. Much as I enjoy pizza, pasta, bread and cake, and can handle them, I do feel vaguely unsettled by them both physically and emotionally and I don't like it! I've been ensuring that when I do eat this stuff it is the best quality or home-made but I think I now need to start moving the grains out or reducing them at worst to gluten-free. A shame as I have recently perfected my own ginger flapjack recipe, and can't honestly promise that it won't reappear in extreme circumstances in future. I'm also looking to lose about 10lb but am relaxed about the timescale.

    My favourite exercise is running; I am a runner, I know not everyone approves but I am adapting my running to be more primal. Recently I developed a strange aversion to pounding the pavements (which is why the time seems right to move to primal) and have been going off-road for most runs and also incorporating more hill work and intervals. Sadly this may have contributed to my current injured achilles tendon which I completely disrespected by caning the last three miles of an off-road half last weekend but it was all downhill for 1,000ft and a joy to run. The problem with the running community is the "carbing-up" mentality which is inescapable but also delivers results; this will be hard to deal with. Also lift as heavy as I can at my gym and can comfortably hike/walk up to 25 miles in a day. My forum name refers to my (current) favourite pre-exercise food - tea and cake - I will need to find a primal alternative!

    My favourite Primal foods are lamb, avocado, eggs, onions, spinach (the latter of course fried in butter), figs and coconut cream.

    The best part about being Primal I think (for the periods I've done it before) is the feeling of health and calm around food. The worst part is the inconvenience around food choices in restaurants when the bread is a delight, and fuelling my running. But I'm going to give it a go, it won't happen overnight and I'm convinced of the benefits.

    I really enjoy the site and the forums so looking forward to picking up lots of tips and knowledge on the way.
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    Welcome! Good cheese, coffee, tea and whole milk are fine if you do ok on them. I have yummy cream in my coffee instead of milk. If you don't have much fat to lose, you might experiment with primal baked goods.
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