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Need help with diet for adrenal fatigue

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  • Need help with diet for adrenal fatigue

    Hello all!
    I have severe issues with adrenal fatigue and have been trying to find the right diet to help with that. I am already on a diet to address years of major IBS and have finally found the right diet to keep it under control. My problem is when I go completely no sugar, I cannot maintain my weight and I am already underweight. I am just doing small amounts of sugar, just a few fruits, organic dark chocolate square and some low sugar coconut milk frozen dessert. I now know that chocolate is very bad for adrenal fatigue, but I feel like I need some sort of "indulgence" to keep from falling off the wagon. Suggestions? I don't eat any grains and my 3 yr old daughter is highly allergic to most of the tree nuts so I can't keep them in the house so that eliminates a lot of "raw" treats. Also, if anyone can direct me to some great resources for treating adrenal fatigue, I'm not having much luck so far.

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    Salt can help people suffering from adrenal fatigue. Make sure that you buy a good, high-quality sea salt though as regular table salt can cause a host of other problems in itself. Try to combine healthy fats, a little bit of protein, and a bit of carbohydrates at every meal. When you have adrenal fatigue it is not a good idea to try a ketogenic diet because this just stresses your body further and puts more stress on the adrenals. Other than that, though, if you are currently eating a modern diet, switching to eating primally or the way I recommend in my blog is the best thing you can do for your recovery in terms of diet.

    Because adrenal fatigue worsens with stress, I would also suggest that you make some changes outside of diet. Try deep breathing techniques or meditation to manage your stress and try to get about 10-15 minutes of direct sun exposure every day as this will help brighten your mood and alleviate stress.