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Hello All from Jacksonville, FL

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  • Hello All from Jacksonville, FL

    Hi fellow PBers,

    I started the PB lifestyle on May 16th, have lost 6 lbs and feel good. My DH started a few days later and is a big help in changing our household to this healthier way of living. He has already dropped 10 pts off the diastolic reading of his blood pressure - very impressive. I am a little bit over 50 and would like to lose about 40 lbs and increase my strength.

    About 18 months ago I broke my left knee (tibial plateau and patela) and gained about 35 lbs while pouting on the couch for 9 months in a cast So far the PB eating and exercise has really elevated my enthusiam and mood.

    Tried the VFF shoes and for the first time in over a year my knee does not hurt

    Thanks for being here and sharing.


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    Welcome! It's great that both of you are doing pb.
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