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Even More Misery After Miscarriage

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  • Even More Misery After Miscarriage

    I'm feeling pretty down right now because I'm so confused and lost. I have always had a chronic health issue to deal with my whole life. I am a 25 year old woman that has always been underweight ( 100 lbs and 5'4 ), heart conditions (SVT and MVP), chronic infections (especially yeast and sinus), constant colds, mono, viral infections, severe muscle aches, digestive issues like ulcers, bloating, gas, constipation, and of course I was put on several doses of antibiotics and heart medication throughout my entire childhood. In high school I became friends with some vegetarians and so I tried it out for a year. I felt even sicker. I wasn't exactly eating healthy, I just wasn't eating meat. After I stopped being a vegetarian because I was feeling so much worse. I started trying to figure out what I SHOULD be eating. I started with protein bars, lots of vegetables and fruit, oatmeal and yogurt, sunscreen, very small amounts of meat and no red meat. You know the drill. I also started working at a health food store so I had a discount for supplements and I started taking so many that I had to get a pill organizer, always believing the next pill would be what I was searching for. Then I went back to being a vegetarian, actually farther because I tried to be a rawfood vegan. I started losing the weight that I couldn't afford to lose, lots of gas, stress over what to eat, very tired all the time still. So starting trying other diets like the macrobiotic and candida diet. I always felt sicker at first and then wouldn't have the energy to keep up with and then I would fall off the wagon again. Also, I am a student so sometimes I would get the chance to eat right and other times my day would be so stress filled that nothing would digest right and I would resort to comfort foods. Then I was tired of not eating, not sleeping, stressing and I noticed my friends that smoke pot, ate, slept, and had very little stress. I gave it a try and I have to admit, smoking did help me relax a little but at the same time I seemed to have very little self control over what I would eat, and what I would always eat was lots of sugar. I became pregnant in December. I had just gotten married to the love of my life and I was definitely more open and relaxed. Even though I still had most of these health issues I became pregnant. At first it seemed like it was too soon, but I was still very happy. Except that I felt worse than ever. The inflammation was outrageous all over my body. Sinus infections that kept me from sleeping. Colds and morning sickness. Couldn't eat anything without feeling worse, and couldn't NOT eat because I would become so weak and lightheaded. Worst yeast infections of my life. Now I even had heartburn and acid reflux to add to the list. All of this was supposed to be "a part of pregnancy" but I was so miserable I couldn't relax and enjoy the process of creating life. I had always looked forward to the experience and here I was, more depressed and in pain than ever. One day I went in for a normal checkup and they couldn't hear a heartbeat. I was supposed to be almost 4 months, but I had had a molar pregnancy and the baby was dead. The molar pregnancy caused my hormones to be incredibly high and I've had to be monitored for the past few months. (If the hormones don't go down that could be an indicator of cancer.) Fortunately, slowly but surely my hormones have started to go down, and the depression of it all is beginning to lift. It's been three months since I had the surgery to remove the growths and my uterus is STILL swollen. In fact, I still feel swollen. I still feel worse than before the pregnancy. I am so lost as to what to do. I know this is long and might not be read, but I had to get it all out to relieve some of the constant swirling in my head. I am still trying every day to figure out what do eat and what to do. Everything I eat gives me gas and I am still bloated. (still look pregnant) I still get yeast infections unless I take very large amounts of probiotics every day (which is very hard to afford.) When I try to work out my muscles become so still and sore. What I am currently trying is to make our normal dinners "primal for me" so that grocery shop is still somewhat affordable. For example, my husband will eat chicken tacos and I'll have a chicken salad with all the ingredients except the shells. I feel better then when I eat the grains, but I get hungry very fast afterwards and if I don't eat something fatty before bed then I can't go to sleep at all. I'm so tired and I keep catching colds even though it's summer now. I'm also still very very constipated and high fiber seems to make it worse. Herbals don't help at all. Most foods make me gassy. I've been tested for different diseases but none of my issues are "bad enough" to fall under a specific category and I wouldn't take the prescriptions anyways because I feel like they are just bandaids in most cases. However diabetes, fibromyalgia, CFS, IBS all run in my family. I feel that if I can just figure out what's right for me then I can prevent myself from having these issues too. (They seem to set in around their 30's and 40's.) I am so lost and I feel like I am "chasing" health and I know that's not the way to go about it, but I can't relax and "go with the flow" when I still feel terrible. People tell me to relax, or ask me why I still get sick when I try to be healthy. I feel like a fool. All the health advice I've come across contradicts each other and I get even more confused. I would really like to hear of real experiences that may or may not be similar to mine, but most definitely will be more realistic and not so geared towards "one way is the only way." Thank you for any help.
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    You really have been through a lot. I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you. ((hug)) I do know how frustrating it is when some thing is wrong and you can't find it.


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      It'll take some time for your body to adjust to eating primally. Don't get discouraged.

      I hate to recommend any supplements to someone who has been taking so many, but have you had your vitamin D levels checked? My colds and illnesses (and my wife's) decreased significantly when we started taking that. If not that, then make sure you get sunshine every day. Fibro is officially a disease with an unknown cause, but moving to AZ or other southern areas seems to help a lot of people. I would venture to guess that it's the increased sunshine and corresponding Vitamin D levels that help.

      I'm really not an expert, though, and I hope you get this worked out.


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        I don't have any suggestions, but I'm sending you many positive thoughts. *hug*
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          thank you for all the sweet words.


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            i'm so sorry for your loss.
            i think there is some information on that would be very valuable to you. it is pretty obvious that you have severe yeast issues/immune issues that need to be addressed. primal will help but you'll need to go further for real healing IMO. on the site they say 1 month of healing for each year you've been sick (which is life for many of us), that was a very real number for me.


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              What an awful time you have had. I am so sorry.

              There are lots of people here who have a lot of experience in the health areas you talk about and will be able to guide and advise you.

              Also from your post you seem to be very determined, not ready to quit. What a great quality, which I am sure will help with your success.

              All the best to you.
              Life. Be in it.


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                Thank you. I won't give up. I really want to be healthy. Not only for myself, but for my future child too.


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                  I do try to get some sun everyday. It makes me feel good. I hate it when winter comes around. I have tried several fish oils but they make me so gassy and burp so much. I always get indigestion. I'm trying to find one that works.


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                    *hug* Sorry for your loss. Life can really give you a beating sometimes! Keep your chin up though. Primal is hard to start off with but it pays off so much, it's so worth it!
                    I'm a paleo foodie, come check out my recipes:


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                      thank you! i'm sticking with it. not as hard as i thought it would be, but still working out some of the kinks and social issues. (like pizza night at my father-in-laws.) thanks for all the support!


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                        I just started the GAPS diet. That's Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Natasha Campbell-McBride. A few other members here are currently doing it too. It is a diet that removes all disaccharides and starches from our diet, because the people with severe enough digestive issues to have concurrent autoimmune issues usually cannot digest these. They remain undigested and the "bad bacteria" in your gut feed off them. It is meant to be temporary, however. The foods included in the diet are meant to be healing to the lining of the GI system--bone broths, fermented vegetables, fermented dairy, etc. It's going to take a LONG time to heal, but in the end, it will be worth it. I'll give you some links:

                        GAPShelp : Digestive Healing & GAPS
                        Home Page

                        Also, just my personal experience with gas/indigestion/etc.: I found raw vegetables to be the very worst thing for my digestion. I would get bloated, gassy, and have diarrhea whenever I ate them, but I always tried to attribute it to something else, because raw veggies are supposed to be SO good for us! I finally linked them and feel a thousand times better. Sometimes when the lining of our GI tract is so damaged, any fiber at all can be extremely irritating.

                        I hope some of this helps you. You are on the right track, whether you try GAPS or not. Primal itself should help immensely.
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                          thanks apple. i'm looking into it.


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                            Sorry to hear the loss of your baby, you certainely have been through alot physically as well as mentally. It wouldn't hurt to get a complete blood panel which a Naturopath doctor could do for you. Yeast infections are extremely difficult to get rid of especially if your body is that sensitive to yeast. Be very careful about eating certain foods such as mushrooms which are a fungus and cabbage plants they contain yeast. Hang in there and it may take several months for your body to adjust to the Primal way of eating. Good luck and don't give up on yourself.


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                              So sorry for you. I'm a little bit the same. There's auto-immune thyroid problems and ibs in my family. I'm fairly exhausted and have been trying things for years, former veg etc. I'm 5'4 and 50kg which is like 100lbs I think. I'm just over underweight. I'm so sick of the conflicting advice that I now research everything myself. The things that definitely help me are

                              1. 4000-6000IU of Vitamin D everyday. I really notice when I skip this. I don't care if it's sunny or not I still take it. At first to get your levels up you can take 10,000 to 15,000 a day for a few weeks. This is safe. The vitamin D council has all the info.

                              2. I saw a Traditional Chinese Medicine lady doc for a few months. Find one that gives you the real herbs you have to boil yourself twice a day. I also had acupuncture with it once a week. I think they work together. This period of TCM made me realise how crap I usually felt, and how I could feel. I also put on a bit of weight which is otherwise impossible for me. It is expensive.

                              3. Eating low fodmap. You can google it, it's fructose malabsorption so it makes you not absorb good things like zinc and tryptophan. This sorted out the pain part of my IBS. I'm a super-responder or whatever so I can't have rice milk/brown rice. You have to find your individual tolerable limits.

                              4. I felt great when I went raw with juiced low fodmap vegies and organic liver. This wasn't sustainable. It might have been good because I was avoiding some food that I can't tolerate. I'm yet to do a proper elimination diet to work it out (no soy, dairy, nightshades etc. & then test each one). I'm learning to add in meat and fat so that there is something left to eat! Just going off sugar & coffee isn't it.

                              As for the rest as I'm back to being exhausted from stress... I am trying to up my omega 3 with fish oil - cod liver oil - that you get liquid from the fridge at the health food shop. The good quality ones don't taste funny. I'm taking b12 (has to be methylcobalamin, I spray up the nose! apparently it absorbs better) & 5mthf which wake me up, and tryptophan and melatonin to sleep. I also take chlorella or spirulina and desicated liver (bodybuilders swear by it, I get the full-fat one), zinc and CoQ10 (I have SVT too-CoQ10 is for the heart). I got some VSL#3, which is like 400x the gut bugs in standard probiotics, they prescribe it for UC & chrohns. I don't need it every day so it's cheaper than the other stuff. I think walking is the only exercise I should add in at the moment. I'm starting primal eating. I don't think diet is everything, but it is worth a go. I'm looking forward to no longer starving myself with this low fat nonsense! Let me know what works for you. (I only put Vitamin D first because it is cheaper, seriously if you can at all afford/access it, try TCM)