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Falling off the wagon and getting back on track

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  • Falling off the wagon and getting back on track

    HI Everyone - well I went off the wagon / off plan / succumbed to the evils of carbs this weekend and just wanted to share and talk about going off plan and getting back on.

    I have been planning a June blast - whole 30 of sorts but got started early last week.

    Did great days 1-4 and most of 5 (Friday) then I decided to make a berry fool (berries and cream) Friday evening and ended up eating half of the bowl (which was delish, and with berries and HWC, and 2tbs sugar, could have been worse) but I am just kicking myself for getting started with treats at all. Saturday was a family event with my in laws, they drive me nuts and there were multiple cakes there for a birthday. OF course I drank beers and ended up eating both chips and cake (even the mediocre grocery store cake someone else brought). Crap. I felt badly pretty quickly and had a headache all evening. then Sunday to a friend's bbq which I thought would be 'safe' because another paleo friend was there, but as soon as we arrived said paleo friend was munching chips with everyone else. So much for solidarity! I enjoyed several mimosas and sampled the chips, and followed it up with a big dinner and ice cream.

    Worked today (yes on a holiday - and work is going through some bad stuff, furlough days were just announced so I'm quite upset about work in general) and ended up at my husband's bar (he's a bartender) for a late lunch. More adult beverages, croutons in my salad and for some reason I was possessed and decided I wanted dessert. Key lime pie. I love key lime pie and this was disappointing. But I still ate the whole thing. Anyone else have that problem??? Hmm this isn't that good, I really should stop eating it, but just keep going until it's gone. My heart was racing by the time I got home and I just hate that I am still trying to 'feel better' with food. Especially food that doesn't make me feel better at all.

    Thanks for listening, I don't have an answer, just wanted to get it out and get some positive energy going for a sucessful June!!

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    Rachel, I'm in the same boat. I get back on the wagon for a few days, then something comes up (a birthday at the office, Memorial Day cook out, moving apartments and don't want to cook), and I fall right back off. I find that no matter what, there will always be an event where there are less optimal food. You think you're in the clear after a holiday, and something else comes along. I'm going to have to either decline the food, or bring my own and stick with it. I found myself snacking more than anything. I'm not hungry, just bored... But what I have found lately is that I am SO tired. I'm sure it has to do with the junk that I have been eating, and I'm just tired of being tired. So, I think I'm going to try for the Whole 30 starting June 1st! You in?!?!
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      Rachel, better that you occasionally fall off the wagon and get right back on again (without beating yourself up about it), than you fall off, spit the dummy, cry that you can't do it, and just give up. KEEP AT IT. Sooner or later you'll find yourself spending more quality wagon time, and less time on the ground with a bruised butt. ;-)

      Here's to a better June! I'm having a recommitment this month, having had a definitely-off-the-wagon kind of May, so I'm with you in spirit. :-)
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        ME TOO! All of it, ate chips, cake, candy, bread, ice cream, etc, etc! I have all the usual gastro issues that come with these choices. I am starting a modified whole30 today. I am hoping it will help me to feel better so I don't forget the cons of eating grains and ice cream.

        Keep jumping back on the wagon!
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          Takes a long time to develop that sort of self control. Cravings are all in your head though (yes, some are physical, but mental strength allows you to overcome). "This is all in my head." Keep telling yourself that.

          Cookouts are sort of easy really. Grab the meat and skip the bread. Get yourself some onions, tomatoes, lettuce and whatever else there and just eat that. I normally will eat two burger patties with that setup and I'm totally full. I do go a bit heavy on the condiments though, and should probably watch that.

          Birthday parties with cake and ice cream are far more difficult though. Sometimes you feel obligated to indulge even though you don't want to, for social reasons. You don't want want to insult anyone, or be the party pooper.

          It's tough.

          "This is all in my head."


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            You are not alone my friend! I am an emotional eater and have difficulty staying on task sometimes. I do really well for a few weeks and then I have "just one" bagel at the office, which leads to "just one" piece of birthday cake...and I don't want to be the one eating my lunch I brought from home when a drug rep is providing lunch for us! Always an excuse....If I have learned anything (and hopefully I have) it is that beating yourself up usually leads to bad decisions.
            I have eaten crap off and on the past two weeks and starting...NOW...I am getting back on track. That is the beauty of it all...whenever we screww up we can just start over again from that moment...not tomorrow or Monday or next week, but right now.
            Good luck!


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              Let's not lie to ourselves - it boils down to willpower.

              Generally my strategy is to use willpower to avoid bad food choices in situations where they are viewed as supplementary (e.g. at a barbecue), but cave when appropriate to avoid offending people (e.g. birthday cake). That way I can feel good about the things I didn't eat and shrug off everything else as "duty".

              That being said, I find one viable strategy is to become the pusher; be the person that brings fruit and nuts into the office instead of donuts and pretzels. Everyone likes fruit and nuts and gets excited about eating healthy, and I find if I bring something in, magically the next few things other people bring in will be healthy as well.

              You can also adapt this strategy to barbecues and family gatherings by brining your own food; you wheel up with an enormous veggie tray or elaborate salad, and everyone goes "Wow, what an awesome salad!" Then you eat half of it yourself.
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                @ jhc, I love this strategy! I just may try it at the next gathering. If anything, it will give me healthier options. Even if others aren't enticed to eat whatever I bring. @ Rachel_k, everyone's advice was great. Get right back on track, and don't look back!
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