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Greetings from Ireland!

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  • Greetings from Ireland!

    Hi all
    I stumbled accross this website last Tuesday while gorging on carb filled food looking for a way of eating that was low carb but where I could eat lots of veg and fruit and hey presto - here I am!
    I started eating this way (well not 100% but no grains - have eaten some processed stuff cause I haven't done a Primal shop yet!) ast Wednesday morning and really I feel good!
    I had a party to go to at the weekend so I did have some red wine and a few sausages off the bbq but nothing else - and I can tell you there was some 'fab' carb-laden fare on offer!
    Anyway, I've been lurking every day and just wanted to say Hi and finger crossed that I'll be on here and continuing this lifestyle.
    My husband is away on business and is home tomorrow night - he (I hope) will start with me on Wednesday too.
    So far I've lost 5 pounds! I will weigh again on Wednesday after a week.
    I started running last year but only do 5km or 7km. Did 10km on Saturday - I know that might not be following Mark's advice but I'm still waiting for the book. It's in my local post office for me so I will be collecting it tomorrow. Don't want to give up the running - it's the first thing I've taken up that I've stuck to. I am slow though - lots of people would walk faster (probably including me!)
    This post was definitely not going to be this long.
    I just want to say the advice on here is amazing!
    BTW, my weight when I started was 178 and I am 5 feet 7 inches (quite a large frame though) so my totally goal weight where I would be delirious would be - 150. (I think!)
    My husband probably has 35 to loose so fingers crossed.
    I just want to feel healthy and eat nice food!
    Oh and I tend to totally obsess about food and eating so I would love to STOP that!
    Thanks for reading!
    Irish Gal

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    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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      Welcome to MDA, IrishPrimalGal!
      Bunny trainer extraordinaire!


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        Do you do 5 or 7 km per day? That would be non-primal, but if that's what you love to do, go for it.

        As for eating lots of fruit, don't do it. Fructose stores directly as fat. A bit of fruit per day, e.g. some berries, is ok.

        Be sure to get plenty of vitamin D3, fat and protein.

        It's great that you made it through the party. Some red wine and grilled sausage are fine.
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          hey im from ireland to cork....where you from....ive been primal bout a month and gone from 144 to 135 so tis a workin....good luck with it any q,s u will get a tonne a help everyone is very helpful here


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            Thanks for the advice Hedonist - I've only eaten berries but have eaten them every day - maybe this is too much.

            Also, I'm still having dairy but not huge amounts - skimmed milk in tea and coffee (can't take it without), maybe an oz or so of cheese most days and two tablespoons of greek yogurt over the berries at breakfast. Also, added nuts and ground flaxseed to the mix this morning so fingers crossed I won't have to give it up - it was gorgeous!

            My book arrives today so I'll be stuck into that tonight and all of the above might have to change - boo hoo!

            Well Gym Bunny - it's great to have another Irish gal on here. I'm in Dublin. You're a lot lighter than me! Fair play to you on your loss so far. How are you finding it? What sort of things have you been eating. (It's such a pity that lots of foods mentioned on this site are not available here - like spagetti squash!)

            Chat soon and thanks


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              My hubby is Irish and I livd there for 7 years. Welcome aboard. I live in Italy now and I do not really miss dont warry too much about the spaghetti squash, but I would like to try it from a curiosity point of view. What are you looking for? Mortons in Ranelagh can be good for unusual items and the Hopsack in Rathimines, also that Helath Shop on Georges St Lower and the posh supermarket on Wicklow Street, I cannot remember the name.
              Life. Be in it.


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                Good luck on your journey!
                My journal:


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                  tell me bout it ive never seen cocunut oil/milk here and the uses for the stuff ....its not to bad coz i hate cocunut
                  the foods im eating are pretty basic

                  breakfast:bacon and eggs
                  lunch:chicken/roast beef with salad
                  snackiece of fruit
                  dinner:chicken/mince/bacon any meat with veg
                  i have 2-3 cups of tea/coffee with a drop of milk
                  1 litre of water(dont really like drinking water)

                  id only have a treat mabey every 2 weeks like a bag of crisps or mabey chips

                  but its easy enough so far,what kind of foods are you eating?


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                    Yeah I'm eating pretty basic stuff too although this evening I made tacos with iceberg lettuce shell - they were good! Made my own guacamole too so enjoyed that - can't believe I never ate an avocado before this week!
                    I also made smoked paprika chicken thighs the other day - had those with roasted broccoli - good but not sure if I like smoked paprika so might have to try different flavourings to get something that I really like.
                    I guess it's all about trying new things.
                    I'm keen to make a thai or chinese style chicken stir-fry - I love spicy sweet stir frys!
                    This website is great - but could be addictive!


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                      Hello from Galway! Have two stone to lose and just joined today, have dabbled with atkins before but cud never stick withit even tho it worked. Have grt hopes of this working you re doing really well...i m off to check the success stories now!
                      O Malley


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                        If I lived in Ireland.....

                        I would just sit around all day in a nice pub and drink Guinness!!!!!


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                          Welcome, Irish. You will find this to be a great community. So many people are willing to share their knowledge and experience.

                          Stir fry? Yummy. Did my first one a few days ago, and doing the second one tomorrow. Great way to eat primal.

                          Best of luck on your primal journey.
                          Live your life and love your life. It's the only one you get.


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                            Hello there fellow Irish primal persons. Another from the Emerald Isle here!!!...I too recently found this site, loads and loads of info to get through, if anyone needs any motivation just have a look at the "before and after pictures" thread.....inspirational. I started eating primal about a month ago and just getting into the excercise and weights side of it now.

                            I don't know about you guys but I think the "Traditional" diet of spuds and bread is so hard to get away from. hopefully we can share some recipes and where to buy some of the more exotic (well for me anyway!!) ingredients....grok on folks


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                              Hallo from Limerick(soon to be Dublin). You know we should see if we could start a paleo meet up group. What do people think?