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  • I like to kick!

    “…and stretch! …and kick! I’m 50!” ~Quote from SNL Sally O’Malley- Rockette Audition….hilarious skit.


    My name is Charley (Charlie Brown was childhood nickname) I turned 50 this year. I am the mother of 3 amazing children, two boys 26 and 25 and a daughter 18. I have always been athletic and have an active lifestyle. I was a competitive gymnast, professional dancer and even a magician’s assistant for a season. Of course that was almost 30 years ago before I got married and had fat babies. I have for years fallen into the classic chronic cardio, mostly running over the years to stay fit. I have completed several half marathons but mostly stick to 5k these days. Actually my goal for year 50 was to enter at least one event a month. I have run about five 5k’s this year, placing in my age group in three. Don’t be impressed…small local events….in a small town. The goal of at least one 5k a month, got old quick. My son who is a tri athlete (the other is a professional MMA fighter) ran some adventure races and was encouraging me to try AR. He was also bragging about the “crossfit woman” and how bad @ss fit they are, and how they kicked it in these events. That was enough to get my attention. I researched CrossFit, and watched some videos….there are some things you just do not need to think about. I knew Crossfit was for me. Crossfit coach suggested I read “The Primal Blueprint” and well, like I said…there are some things you just do not need to think about. PB made perfect sense to me. Right now I am 6 weeks into Crossfit and 3 weeks into PB. I have lost 7lbs. I feel great. PB has, thus far, been an easy transition for me. My body has reacted favorably, and I am pleased to see that my muscles just may have some memory left. I have always struggled to keep a decent weight. I am 5 foot nothing. Current wt. #130. I have always been thick even in competitive days. Now, I have fat on top of thick. With being 50, add slowed metabolism, and perimenopause, that is a recipe for fat store house. The PB community here is a great source of encouragement. Thank you all for posting your stories and experiences. I do not have any questions, yet. This site has been most resourceful. Questions I may ask have already been asked so far. I have found more than enough info from searching. I just thought I would stop lurking about and introduce myself.
    Keep charging….
    Cheeky Fit and Fifty

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    Hi Charley. Welcome!
    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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      hi nice post

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