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  • Hello everyone!

    This is my second day on this website. I'm 35 years old and I have been on the Primal lifestyle for 3 weeks now. My goal is a nice lean ripped body. I have been working out for years but was always unable to cut baby fat from my abs section, giving me a barely noticeable 4 pack. Hopefully this new lifestyle can help me achieve my goal of finally losing that baby fat and sporting a really noticeable sixpack at the beach. It's been 3 weeks and noticed a bit of that baby fat gone now, so only time will tell if I can achieve this goal. I will keep at it.

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    just make sure you dont get discouraged. my advice is measure yourself everytime you weigh in so if he scale isnt moving you will know for sure if your still losing fat. measure yourself at the belly button. measure your waist!!!!

    best advice i can give for the scale is use the same scale, do it on the same day each week, when you wake up, before eating and after you use the bathroom (if you know what i mean) that is when you are at your prime (tall and light)

    some people might say to weigh in everyday, that didnt work for me it drove me up the wall. no matter what measure yourself. muscle weighs more than fat so if your gaining muscle and losing fat you might not see that on the scale

    i went primal in feb 2010
    37% body fat
    38-40 waist

    1 year to the day
    7.8% body fat
    29 waist

    7% body fat
    29 waist


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      Welcome! You have come to the right place. Search for just about anything and you will find lots of information. Wish I had had this resource when I was your age. I would have been way happier. Good luck.
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