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    While ordering breakfast today, my wife told the waiter that she's gluten-free.

    He smiled, nodded, and then asked her what kind of toast she would like...

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    Haa haa... I hope she said bacon with a side of crunchy bacon.


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      Not everyone knows what "gluten free" means. She could have just placed her order and asked for no bread.


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        maybe they have gluen free toast LOL

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          Gluten-free bread does exist, though it's more likely the waiter just didn't know what gluten is.


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            That's about as bad as the waitress who told me they have white bread after I told her I can't have any wheat.
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              I am said wife in this story. I started out just ordering the Greek frittata with no cheese and asked to sub fresh berries for the potatoes and toast. I only mentioned the gluten free thing as an emphasis. That's when he asked which type of toast I would like. :-)
              My sister wanted to know if I asked if they use Omega 3 eggs. But I figured I better quit while I was ahead. The restaurant was called "The Egg and I" and the frittata with ham, sun-dried tomatoes, asparagus and pesto was AWESOME!

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                Originally posted by secretlobster View Post
                Not everyone knows what "gluten free" means.
                People who work with food should!


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                  This reminds me of the time I ordered a pasta dish (before reading PB of course) at a restaurant that had brown rice pasta available as a substitute for those of us who are gluten-free. They brought me a lovely plate of brown rice linguine...with a side of garlic bread right there on the same plate.
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