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    I've been reading the newsletter and browsing the forum for a while now and follow a fairly primal lifestyle. I am in Austin TX and mom to four kids who homeschool. We are all life learners, out in nature and following our interests. We do not replicate school at home and I am a facilitator/mentor rather than teacher. We eat local organic foods; Austin has some amazing local urban farms in addition to its great farmers' markets and we know our farmers personally.

    I also homestead - we just moved back to Austin after some years in California and while in California I had a few acres and a bounty of orchards and gardens. I had about 1000 square feet of organic raised bed gardens, more than 100 strawberry plants, a few dozen artichokes, some asparagus. Then of course just about every fruit tree one could imagine, the obligatory California citrus and avocado and then everything from macadamia to guava. Leaving the gardens was the most difficult part of moving, but we will be buying acreage here and resuming our homesteading. We are renting on Lake Travis right now while house hunting, and are enjoying being able to walk down our back steps and onto the dock to boat, swim, fish, etc.

    I just completed a 90 hour permaculture design course here and find that sustainability meshes perfectly with a primal lifestyle.

    I'm a lifelong athlete, having danced for 10 years, competed in various school sports, rowing competitively throughout college and having ridden horses since I was two.

    However, when I turned 40 a couple of years ago, for the first time ever it became a challenge to stay fit. I also find it increasingly easy to injure joints and have a renewed respect for caring for my body's changing needs. I've rowed the cartilage off my knees, though I still do my ergometer because I love rowing. Until I'm able to regenerate the cartilage, I'm looking forward to doing some canoeing and kayaking. I injured my elbow and shoulder two years ago and after PT and a lot of patience in not overdoing it, am able to lift weights and use my arm again. It is frustrating to have lost such tone and strength in my arms but I am very happy to be on the healing side. It is hard to keep the faith sometimes that I will get back to where I was a couple of years ago and that I can beat the changing metabolism that hormonal shifts have brought.

    I struggle with overplanning when it comes to meals and exercise, and need to just get up and do rather than plan. In that light, I am going to stop here and head outside to shoot some basketball with my son.


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    I'm new here too. I do envy your lifestyle! Sounds awesome. The hormonal changes women experience can be really challenging. I am 53 and the last 3 years of going through menopause have been awful. I am now on thryoid med and bioidentical hormones, but the 30 lbs I gained are not wanting to leave. I started primal 3 weeks ago so I know I need to give it time for my body to adjust. I have tried almost everything else, even gluten free (but not grain free) and nothing has made me healthy. I know this primal lifestyle will though. I can't wait to get my labs done again in 6 months to see my progress!