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  • My first post

    Hello everyone!!! I have been doing the whole Primal thing for almost a year now at the suggestion of a doctor, and can honestly say that at 30 I feel better than I did at 18. I still carry a bit of extra weight but all my blood work comes back great so I don't stress the pounds, mainly cause to me any way weight like age is only a number as long as your healthy, active, and feel good, who really cares what a little box you step on says? I have had a blast with this mainly because it affords me the opportunity and excuse to do my two favorite things: Hunting and Fishing fresh out of the wild beats fresh from the store any day!!! Anyway just thought I'd trow something on here.

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    a doctor sent you to primal? hold on to that doctor with all your new found strength.


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      I'd love to however being in the Army our doctors move around as much as everyone else.