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  • Convinced......Now What???

    OK...try to do this the short version:

    I was always a heavy kid (didn't really like meat, and hated fat on any kind of meat) until I hit my junior year of high school. Basically I showed up in my PE class getting ready to change to go back to class, and the football coach saw me and said, "why the hell aren't you in the weight room?" He recruited me my sophomore year, and I started varsity my junior and senior years. I dropped a cool 100+ pounds going from 300+ to 185 lean and mean. The lineman were encouraged to do track and field on the off season to stay in shape for double sessions. I realized I was a new person when I got kicked out of the "fat man relay." As a joke, we used to get 4 of us lineman and we would do the 4X400. Although I performed average in shot put and discus, I ended up taking some of the sprinters places on the track. Although I was yelled at by my teachers who wanted me to become a "nuclear physicist"... I went to school to be a gym teacher (although I later learned it was pronounced, "P.E. teacher, or physical education ) because I wanted to be able to do for kids what my football coach did for me. I even got ready to play ball at school when life brought me my daughter. I took a year off of school and then went back with a few jobs so I could graduate and buy diapers and clothes. I graduated school with honors and a 3 year old and found out that teachers are not really a hot item (back in 2007) unless I wanted to go Urban schools. So, I made a pinch decision, and helped my father in law sell a house we rebuilt, packed up the uhauls, and hauled cross country to Arizona, where I was able to get a job over the phone without even an interview (score!!!).... at about 20-30,000 less than I could have made in NY (Curse*).

    Needless to say, I had some stress, and in-laws cooking...not quite what I was used to (My diet had changed from raw veggies, meat, and a ton of other foods that I just didn't get in AZ). In addition, we have had the modification of the food pyramid (so that it is shaped like pillars now instead of stacked) and I was gun ho about doing PE the best I could the right way (give you a hint...the school I work at doesn't have a gym...yeah). Of course, AZ is about 80 years behind where I was in NY, and they constantly try to reinvent the wheel (the AZ superintendent of education paid money to prove that students do better in PE if they have a certified PE teacher, ,rather than Joe blow off the street... ummm ok). So....Stressed out about no cash, and hating my job, I moved on...tried all kinds of things on the side trying to figure out how to make some cash yada yada. FYI...between my wife and I, we have about 240,000 in we have a mortgage, with no house. Thats when the nitrogen patties hit the fan.

    Last May, I got sick....really really sick. And it really really sucked! I was back up to 300+, but I was doing some insane lifting with my fellow PE teacher at my school (who does combine training for NFL athletes on the side) we hit the circuits hard, and I could feel the muscles packing in under the flab. 5 days before school was out (and I was going to go hard core getting out of teaching in AZ) I inexplicably could not swallow. My whole grain pasta and lean chicken breast with fresh tomato sauce would not go down. It got worse the next day, and the next, until I was down to 1 container of yogurt, and some water...and then I started getting the worse palpitations and dizzy spells I have ever had. I went to the nurse...called my doc, and was taken to the ER on doctors orders where I really felt like a bull in the slaughter house (I thought education here was bad, but I grew up with a lot of family in the medical field...when the nurse told me I had taken something intravenous...and I showed her my arms had no lines, she thought I was the crazy one....yeah...not going to that hospital again!!!).

    Basically, I was referred to an ENT, and had to wait (so now day 5 no food). I felt like crap. I finally left the ER at 1 am (yes I was there for 16 hours....they keep you past midnight so they clan claim a bed for insurance) with something to make me sleep and something IV to stop me from feeling naseaus. (so they shut me up so they could kick me out). I was told to eat "easy foods" like white bread, potatoes, cake, ice cream....stuff that was easily digestible (CURSE>>> I wanted to eat ANYTHING...I couldn't swallow). The ENT was a giant curse*...he told me I had a deviated septum after sticking a camera down my nose and into my throat and said he could help me breathe better. THANKS! So it was off to the docs where I requested some more tests and specialists. I had x-rays and mri's, and finally I met with a GI doc from the Mayo clinic who listened to me. He scheduled me for a dual endo/colonoscopy (fun) and took biopsies and found ulcerations from my esophagus to my duodenum (where the scope stops). He told me it may have been due to ibuprofen. So, I still couldn't swallow, but had some help....he prescribed me a PPI and a anti-depressant (it was suppose to deaden the nerve endings so my throat opened up). CURSE*!!!! The anti-depressant made me dizzy when I stood up, and caused me to have urination issues. When I complained he offered a different formula...I then looked for other help from my doc (awesome guy) who told me to ditch that this point, I was still taking this PPI. I stopped...and wholly I have GERD...thanks for that!!

    It took me exactly 1 year to get off the PPI (off for 5 weeks now) and I still have some issues related to that junk. My current doc (a holistic/conventional/TCM/metamedacine/functional metabolic/etc) has helped me tremendously and offered up a few suggestions about what caused my disphagia (difficulty swallowing). With his membership program (yes...I have concierge service at my docs now...and let me tell you...I prefer the 2 minute wait and 60 minute appointment to the 60 minute wait 2 minute appointment!!!) he also offered a "manual" on health that included a section on nutrition where it describes mixing a "paleo" diet with a medeteranian diet. What is paleo?? And then the search began. At the same time, my fellow PE teacher learned about it, and converted easily to a "strict paleo" diet, and is leaner and meaner than ever (he was already ripped with a 6 pack). I did some more reading, and then stumbled upon, where the PB book was recommended. Just finished reading it, and have been making some changes.

    I absolutely believe in all of the philosophy and research, and want to covert. My biggest issue so far is my sweet tooth, coffee (like that sweet too!!) and trying to be fair to my family. My daughter hates meat unless it is fake (will not eat chicken, will eat mcnuggets, will not eat meatballs, will eat chef boyrd). Luckily, my daughter will eat any fruit or veggie and prefers it all raw, no dip or sauce. As far as meet......

    Any suggestions would be great... I am ready to lost about 100 lbs (not concerned with weight in reality, but I was a 32-34 waist and medium shirt when I lost weight in I'm 46 waist and 3x shirt) and I would like to not visit the docs anymore!!! I hate loving grain products !!!

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    If you are, like, where the hell do I start? I would suggest Archevore. Not quite primal but a good place to start. Otherwise Primal 101.

    You just have to fight through kicking sugars. Sugar, fructose, fruit juice, honey, etc. There are lots of threads about kids and primal.

    Good luck.
    Ancestral Health Info

    I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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      Thanks... I'll check out that first link...I have been to the primal 101...I did a lot of research on this site before I bought the book and read it. I appreciate you taking the my post was incredibly long :/


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        Sweet tooth and resistant family members are the two hardest parts, luckily the sweet tooth really does reset if you are serious about staying away from the sweet stuff (and the fake sugars!) and most family members can get converted by some combo of your healthiness, bacon, avocadoes, or steaks. Though this is tougher. Good luck and welcome! I also recommend the archevore site above.
        If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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          To the man who started the thread, great story. I hope you turn it around.

          Originally posted by Hedonist View Post
          If you are, like, where the hell do I start? I would suggest Archevore. Not quite primal but a good place to start. Otherwise Primal 101.

          You just have to fight through kicking sugars. Sugar, fructose, fruit juice, honey, etc. There are lots of threads about kids and primal.

          Good luck.
          I second Archevore and will say personally, I think he's more on than Mark Sisson. That's purely nutrition of course. I love what Sisson has done here to talk about all facets of life (sleep, posture, exercise, sunshine, etc) that all have an effect on your health.

          SIMPLE guide for the original poster:
          1. Meat (from cow, bison, any large ruminant basically: muscle meat and all offal) and (salmon, trout, herring sardines)
          2. Starchy vegetable like sweet potato, parsnip, certain squash...just to refill your glycogen in don't need a ton, but you need SOME carbs. The starch is preferred to fructose or simple glucose as far as I have researched. ((BTW fructose is BAD!!!)) Corn is a decent choice here although it has more fructose than I'd prefer. The neon orange sweet potato is my preference.
          3. Greens. These don't do much besides add bulk to your stool. Don't worry too much about raw. Cooking food helps your digestion of it. I don't eat a ton here. I actually prefer using a ton of herbs in cooking the meats because herbs like Oregano are far, far more nutritionally dense than even the worshipped Spinach. So lots of herbs and whatever else you feel is necessary. I don't think it's as much as Mark says! We don't have the ability to ferment greens like gorillas!

          That's the simplest diet ever. Three food groups. I eat about 2-3 pounds of meat and offal a day. I am about to buy half a grass fed cow from a butcher that will cost me 2.50-3.00 per pound. That plus my starchy vegetables and greens. I could pay 300 a month on groceries if I was really in a pinch, and I would be pretty stinkin' healthy. Most people following conventional wisdom can't eat much more than Top Ramen at that dollar amount!


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            Hmm...thank you for that!!

            Today was....okay. I am awaiting some paleo supplements from my doctor (protein powder and some bars)... did okay today kind of...made 60% instead of 80 like was in the book. For breakfast I had 2 hard boiled eggs, and 1 muscle milk, lunch was 3 eggs and a protein fortified milk with 20 g protein, and (oops). Today was the last day of classes, and I ended up having to change a flat for our school nurse at the end of the day...needed a quick fix. The eggs I ate were organic, and I am trying to get some protein powder to replace the muscle milk and the fortified milk.

            I did check out the archevore site...seems like that is pretty much along the same lines as the book. Also, I kind of like the simple guide above as well...

            I missed so much in the OP, but thought it was pretty long after reading it again. Here is my next dilemma...I did say I have a lot of family in the medical industry, and if I could start over, I would have went to school to be a doctor. However, as a next best thing, I am looking into vascular sonography. The issue is that this is 40,000 dollars and will take 16 months. I also am interviewing for a juvenile detention officer position (lateral movement, but less stress than what I do now) next week. The issue will be that the JDO position will likely be a 6-2 job, and school runs classes from 4-10...for the first few months. Then, I start my clinical which will be 9-5. When that happens I will have clinical from 9-5, and then possibly either a 6-2 shift still and/or a 10pm to 6am shift....I will be obviously missing out on some much needed sleep. I will definitely have to get creative with meals and sleep when that happens :/