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Getting back into Primal

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  • Getting back into Primal

    Hello all,

    I first found the primal diet last September, when a user at a computer-related message board I post to started a thread about his incredible successes with it. I probably wouldnít have believed it could work this well without it, and thatís what led me here to MDA.

    I had just moved to France, which actually made things easier because I had to stock a new pantry from scratch. Also, being in France meant I walked *everywhere*, at least a good hour a day just going to class and running errands. From September to December I stuck with primal and went from 219 to 172!

    Then, unfortunately, my semester abroad ended and I was back living in dorm, with horrible dorm food and the bed of carbs everything gets served on. Shot back up to 209 from January to May, undoing basically all my work. I had some personal issues with depression that made things difficult as well.

    Two weeks ago I moved into a new apartment and Iím now back in control of my food! Already down to 201.

    Being a 5í8Ē male, my goal is in the 150-160 range and given the success I had with primal last year, I donít think Iíll have any trouble getting down there the second time around!