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Hey guys, 4 days primal and already feeling the difference :)

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  • Hey guys, 4 days primal and already feeling the difference :)

    Hi everyone,

    I've spent the last month reading up in Marks book (i have 3 small kids and very little spare time) and last monday was my 'right! that's it' day..

    At 38 and having spent a lifetime of eating obscene amounts of bad carbs, i could feel that something just wasn't quite right, it's as if i knew inside that i shoudn't be feeling this tired and fed up every single day. Then i came across the book and like many others before me, it's completely changed my attitude to life..

    I'm not really overweight, at 6'2 and 182lbs i carry some excess fat but i now realise that i've lost a lot of quality muscle to maintain that weight.

    Since starting 4 days ago, i've lost 3lbs, i don't crash during the day, i don't feel bloated and amazingly the back pain that i've had daily for over 2 years has subsided sustantially (fingers crossed). I'm exercising lightly while i make the transition over from sugar to fat burning, then i'm planning on doing a lot more of the fitness side of things (once i've learned a bit more).

    The carb cravings have been nothing short of entertaining. It actually gave me a good laugh to see my own brain sending images into my mind of toast, sandwiches, pasta and bigmacs.. truly astonishing how the mind works. Gladly, each day is becoming easier than the last..

    All i can say after learning from Mark is ' Wow, thanks '..

    Keep smiling,

    Carl ( Walsall, UK )

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    I have so many friends (in their 30s) that say "I'm so tired of always feeling sick and tired" and all I can think is "It's all that crap you're putting in your body". Just wait until all carb craving pass--well I crave better carbs like a sweet potato, but when you can look at bread, pasta, donuts, etc and it doesn't even enter your mind that it is food!

    33yo, 5'6", 158lbs, size 10 jeans


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      My first week, I would have killed for a slice of toast with gooey butter melted into it. And maybe peanut butter, just because

      Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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        I'm glad to report that the carb cravings have subsided quite a lot, i've even managed to go for a restaurant meal yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to be able to leave the chips ( fries is the US ) and just enjoy the steak, peas and tomato

        I have to say that i'm loving every minute of going primal and to see my friends faces when i tell them i don't eat processed carbs.. it's worth it just for that, lol.

        And guess what, i still can't get over the lower back pain gradually and dramatically disappearing. Truly i find it amazing as i've spent the last two years groaning every morning when i reach down to put my socks on, now i do it easily with a huge smile, absolutely amazed by it