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Seppo Grok seeking help from Aussie Groks

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  • Seppo Grok seeking help from Aussie Groks

    Greetings Groks and Grokettes,

    I recently moved to the Sydney area from Washington D.C. and unfortunately I had to leave my kettlebell behind for my journey. I've found several online stores that sell kettlebells, but the prices are slightly higher than I'd like to pay. I'm keeping my eyes peeled on GumTree, but I figured this was a good forum to see what kind of advice Sydneysider BPers might have for me. I'd be much obliged if you know of a good source for quality used kettlebells or if you yourself are thinking of moving up in weight and would like to unload some of your older ones. At the very least, it would be nice to see how many primal people are in this great city.

    Grok on!

    -GrokOnRock aka SeppoGrok

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    Welcome. Love "SeppoGrok".

    One of the joys of living on a remote island with a relatively small economy is getting screwed on imported goods. It is often cheaper to buy overseas and pay for the shipping, though this may not be the case with something as heavy as kettlebells.

    Can't help you with local sources as I've never looked. Am sticking to bodyweight exercises for now
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      Sadly, this is why I haven't joined the kettlebell craze yet - the prices here are *ridiculous*. Same with medicine balls and things like Woody bands.

      Good luck - I hope you find something!
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